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getsix® is acting as a connective Link between Investor and the local Subsidiary or Branch Office in Poland.


Requirement of the Investor:

  • Timely Reporting;
  • Overcome of the language barrier;
  • Independence;
  • getsix® provides its services as a one-stop shop.

getsix® is connective Link

  • getsix® knows the requirements of the international Investors;
  • getsix® know the requirements regarding Accounting and Payroll which must be fulfilled by the local Subsidiary or Branch Office in Poland.

Subsidiary / Branch Office in Poland

Benefits for the Investor:

  • comply with local regulations and formalities, Reducing the liabiliy risk;
  • Reduction of overhead costs;
  • Flexibility;
  • Using the Know-How of a team of specialists;
  • Focus on the core business.


Last updated: 10.01.2022

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