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Kofax Capture Network Server

Kofax Capture Network Server (KCNS) enables organizations to transfer documents and data captured at branch offices to a central Kofax Capture installation via a corporate network or the Internet. By embracing distributed capture, organizations can react more quickly to incoming information, reduce costs, enhance security and improve productivity versus paper- or CD-based processes.

Organizations need KCNS if they:

  • Have numerous branch offices which regularly ship paper documents, forms or CDs to headquarters;
  • Want to kick start business processes as soon as documents are scanned at branch offices, rather than wait for them to arrive at a central site;
  • Seek to reduce or eliminate the cost, delay and security issues involved in shipping paper documents, forms or CDs to a central scan or data entry site for processing.

With KCNS you can:

  • Equip branch offices with inexpensive Kofax Capture remote licenses, and enable them to do their own document scanning;
  • Get documents and data into a workflow faster, accelerating the flow of information throughout an organization;
  • Stop scrambling daily to meet deadlines for shipping documents to headquarters, and reduce or eliminate the cost and delays these shipments incur;
  • Put the power of document imaging into the hands of branch offices, but continue to maintain control from a central site;
  • Institute tighter security, as sensitive paper documents or CDs no longer need be shipped outside the office and handled by non-employees (e.g., couriers);
  • Route single documents or batches to multiple locations before transfer to headquarters.

Key features of KCNS include:

  • System-wide synchronization. Configuration changes made at headquarters automatically download at all branch offices;
  • Central site controls the amount and type of processing scanned documents undergo at branch offices, and the timing of data transfer to headquarters (e.g., real-time or in batches when network traffic is low);
  • Routing/workflow capabilities;
  • Quick ROI with reduction or elimination of overnight shipping charges.


Last updated: 10.01.2022

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