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getsix® Corporate Consulting provide a complete ‘one-stop-shop‘ when it comes to your business needs. Whether it is providing access to finance through our extensive range of corporate finance solutions or if you want to establish or close a business in Poland; our experienced team tailors a solution for you. Listening to our clients; we identify, investigate and formulate a tailored solution without a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Company formation

getsix® offers professional company formation service in Poland. We help our clients with every detail connected with establishing business entities based on Polish law.

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Company conversion

There are many factors to consider when choosing a company structure. The choice you make will have an impact on several aspects of your organisation, including taxes, liability, ownership succession, and much more.

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Company valuations

getsix® in co-operation with our ‘competence network’ partners assists our clients with valuation services for tax and financial reporting purposes.

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Company liquidation

Private individuals conducting their individual business activities on a sole proprietorship basis under an entry to the registry of economic activities may close their operations at any time, without necessary formal winding-up procedure.

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Company due diligence

Due diligence is evaluating a prospective business decision by making sure that all the facts regarding the firm are available and verified.

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Corporate business plans

getsix® have many years of experience in providing quality service in the field of bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, financial management for our clients operating business in Poland.

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Corporate debt restructuring

Intermediation with financial institutions, including inter alia, representation of our client in negotiations on credit facilities and Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) in Poland.

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Banking relationships

Selection of the appropriate bank is one of the most important choices of a newly established business.

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Interim management

We at getsix® understand interim management as a set of activities with a defined time, objectives, result and scope, carried out by getsix® partners and individual employees (an interim manager) within our client’s organisation, aimed at specific, agreed business results.

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Leasing procurement

Leasing agreement is an agreement which is regulated separately by the Polish Civil Code. Generally, in view of these provisions, leasing is an agreement under which a lessor undertakes to purchase an asset from a given seller and release it to the lessee for use.

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