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The getsix® first-class outsourcing service model provides each customer with a Client Solutions Manager (CSM), who supports client engagement, participation in all getsix® solutions and services, to help ensure that strategic deliverables or specialised support are provided, as required. Additionally, each customer can directly access a dedicated accounting services team, a human resources services team or our IT service team, for day-to-day support.

Within these supporting functions, getsix® likes the personal contact. We like to feel we provide ‘added value’, to engage with our customers, whether it be, face-to-face meetings, conference calls meetings or just picking up the telephone to a trusted CSM, an extension of your own business. It should feel like we are, for example, your own accountant in your office.

getsix® prides itself on our ‘Business Excellence Framework’ (BEF), we would like you to feel like you can contact the ‘partners’ of our business, anytime, if it indeed required. Each of our four locations (Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw and Stettin) have their own specific ‘partner’, who can be reached on the phone, by email, or maybe personally. We know this individual approach is exactly what our customers require, and expect. Also within our BEF, getsix® also realises continuous improvement and innovation, as part of our ISO 9001 accreditation allows us to be confident in ‘Our Service Model’. ISO audits ensure high quality and consistent service, providing customers with the confidence that their transactions will be processed and maintained accurately, predictably and safely. That is why we annually ask our clients, via a customer questionnaire, to judge us on our ‘actual’ performance.

Due our extensive knowledge and vast experience in this financial, tax, legal and banking industries, we feel it is only right to give back by participating in events that can help business, and also the young brains in our universities, be it in Poland or Germany.

To complete the ‘loop’ we also like to keep in contact with our clients, of course informing them of important tax changes or events, to personal interviews of our getsix® staff across our offices, because they are the key factor in our success.

Based on the diversified expertise we have acquired from providing human resource support services, getsix® can offer outsourcing service to cover all business tasks. Our specialised departmentsand group companies specifically created for each business are, can respond to business needs by offering high-speciality services.

Customer Relation Teams

It is necessary for getsix® to cultivate good customer relations, to attract and keep a loyal base of customers. Building customer relations involves acting as a resource for our client base, we want to be seen as a valuable resource. We want our clients to come back to us beyond the need for our products or services. getsix® provides excellent service by handling any customers queries promptly and effectively, because this will diffuse any instance of a customer compliant, through a quick resolution of the problem or query.

Any successful relationship, whether a personal or a business relationship, is unique to every pair of individuals, and it evolves over time. Creditability is the quality of being reliable, worthy of confidence. This grows when deadlines are kept, promises are acted upon, facts are verified and services are rendered. Visibility and credibility are important in relationship-building – let us take care of your core business; getsix® will do the rest.

Client Services Teams

getsix® ‘Client Service Teams’ provide both a structure and a process for facilitating this alignment of interests. They focus our Group on results-oriented efforts that identify and satisfy our client needs and requirements, enhancing client service, and solidifying client relationships. They also help us realise our investment in client service survey’s by providing a forum for the feedback which getsix® receives. As our team members’ knowledge of our clients deepens, unforeseen service opportunities can often surface. getsix® recognises the power of client satisfaction in cultivating and retaining clients, and the vital role that client service teams play in increasing that satisfaction. In addition, strengthening and expanding client relationships is a critical tool for improving our financial performance, and client service teams foster enduring relationships.

Office Management Service Teams

Many companies are confronted with the need to reduce costs and to comply with the required financial and accounting reporting standards. Compounding this problem is the requirement that they must address these requirements, with resource constraints on their capital budget and staffing. These compliance standards have also added complexities to many of the financial and accounting processes.

Why not let our Office Management Service Team be the focal point of our partnership? getsix® is not only a progression in terms of internal communication, but acts as the management for clients to their external agencies and partners.

Finance & Accounting Services Teams

getsix® is committed to delivering the best outcomes for our customers. Our financial analysts routinely collect, examine and summarise the customer’s accounts to determine the financial status of the organisation and adjust their approach accordingly. We study our customers’ needs depending on the scale of their operations and provide finance and accounting services to drive their organisations forward. Rather than focusing on short term gains, we look to perform financial and accounting services and generate partnerships based on innovation and transformation, for continual success.

An accurate, accountable and resourceful finance and accounting department is crucial for the long term success of every business. getsix® is an experienced financial BPO company and can add considerable value to your business through acting as a virtual accounting department.With our finance and accounting experience, getsix® is able to offer high quality, end-to-end accounting and payroll services in the most cost-effective manner, giving you an advantage over competitors.

Human Resources & Payroll Services Teams

Today, organisations are looking at every possible avenue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Human Resource (HR) department is not immune to this trend. High rates of attrition, employee disengagement and cost reduction pressures are driving the need to implement a Centralised Shared Services Model.

getsix® design provides maximum flexibility and on-demand support, the HR services team of certified professionals provides access to HR & Payroll consultants to meet the needs of our customers.

This team also provides hands-on support for many worksite employee-driven requests and support requirements. Each client will be assigned a payroll specialist for their day to day processing needs. Our key services include:

  • HR administration outsourcing;
  • Flexible payroll processing;
  • Payroll processing outsourcing.

IT Service Team

getsix® offers your company specialist staff to advise and assist you on your IT-security. The service comprises of, besides the standard support, also the surveillance and the update management of your computer systems. Our dedicated employees install and configure for you all the necessary hard, system and user-software.

getsix® passes on all corporate live data over your exclusive client portal.

This dedicated IT Services Team provide access to a specialised team trained on the individual IT needs of each assigned customer.

  • Better quality of information;
  • Control and visibility;
  • Responsiveness to any performance issues;
  • Faster validation;
  • Importantly security.

Our platforms allow our clients to achieve perfection in their administration, through better management and control of their operations. More efficient, flexible and better executed business processes means lower costs and faster return on your investment. getsix® provides the tools for project planning, automation, process simulation, control performed by humans, and the tools to integrate with other business applications.

getsix® benefits:

No one tries harder for our customers. The getsix® principles sit at the heart of our business and help us to deliver our core purpose – to create a ‘first class’ service for our customers, to earn their trust and loyalty. Our teamsare available to provide you with the dedicated support you need. We ensure that our customers have dedicated people at their disposal and a direct contact to our staff at all times.

With these principles in mind our staff are the wealth of our business, but also makes us stronger. We focus on self-reliance of our staff, without having to impose their duties.

getsix® realises the faster you resolve a problem, the happier the client will be. We aim to provide professional, reliable and efficient assistance and support to all our clients. Our skilled staff, with an excellent command of Polish, German and English, are committed to offering a first-class experience, each time, every time!

getsix® Group has invested a great deal on installation, on training, along with the use of cutting-edge technologies. We support our staff so that we can take care of your core business, then getsix® will do what it does best!

Ethics and Professionalism in the Accounting Profession

The Commission for Ethics and Professionalism in the Accounting Profession, operating within the Research Council of the Accountants Association in Poland has worked out a milestone document for professional accountants, i.e. Code of Professional Ethics in Accounting. It is the first document of this kind developed in Poland and addressed to accountants acting in the public interest. The Code regulates the status of the person dealing with accounting, presents limitations on performing accounting profession and also includes general accounting ethical rules underlying the accounting profession.

Professional accountants have an important role to play in the society. Investors, creditors, employers and other business players, together with the government and the public rely on professional accountants for sound financial management and competent advice on variety of business and taxation matters. The attitude and behaviour of professional accountants in providing such services have an impact on the economic well-being of their community and country. The Code of Ethics is based on the assumption that the objectives of the accountancy profession are the development and maintenance of the highest professional standards, and acting in the public interest.

The positive feedback from the public supports the actions of Accountants Association in Poland, and demonstrates itself in the growing number of companies signing the Code of Professional Ethics in Accounting.


Last updated: 06.05.2022

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