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HLB International is a leading network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers with member firms well-established locally and mostly ranked among the top 12 nationally. getsix® Group is the HLB Partner.

  • INSPIRED FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS – Formed in 1969, HLB International services clients through its member firms in over 140 countries, their 2,210 partners and 20,110 staff in 660 offices worldwide;
  • INSPIRED FOR QUALITY – A member of the Forum of Firms, HLB International is committed to the highest quality standards;
  • INSPIRED SERVICES AROUND THE WORLD – HLB International’s member firms can support you as you grow regionally and globally.

HLB International’s member firms provide or have provided services to such well-known names as General Electrics, Siemens, Gazprom, Veolia, Huawei, Chronopost International or Tatneft.

Quick facts

  • Formed in 1969
  • Over 140 countries
  • 2,210 partners
  • 20,110 staff
  • 660 offices
  • US $2.08 billion annual revenue

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