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Our goal is to become a strong partner in supporting and managing everyday business processes for companies and entrepreneurs operating in Poland. We offers outstanding and customer focused complementary services in the follow areas:

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We concentrates on addressing the requirements of mainly foreign capital owned companies and their owners / managing directors.

Tailored to your needs - If it’s not core to you, it’s probably core to us

We can deliver one or two individual services, an entire function (e.g. tax, accounting or HR), or an end-to-end business process. We transform and manage existing services, or create and run completely new ones, and we can bring that service, or full solution, to you in a number of ways, adapted to your particular needs.

Our country desks are only too happy to answer your questions in your preferred language.

We offers you a wide range of services of various kinds:

Business Services

Provided that your business requiresa location in Poland, we with great pleasure will take of all necessary steps on your behalf. We start from your company foundation – including legal address, up to a complete virtual office services. Allowing you to save not only rental and operational expenses, but also staff costs. Please focus on pushing your core business and we takes care for the smooth handling of the administration processes workflow.


The independent microeconomic advisory delivered by us, your proven specialist, guarantees maximum efficiency within your business. The controlling provided by our fields cost savings, important risk management and early detection of negative developments. Easy to understand reports make it easy to plan, control and steer of your company.

Accounting Services

We undertakes the complete accounting for you, allowing you to frame successfully your entrepreneurial future. Our accounting consists of all material tasks within accounting, encompassing also the maintenance of the Polish VAT register, as well as the VAT refund and representation vis-a-vis, the Polish tax authorities. The preparation of the Polish annual fi nancial statements and consolidation packages in line with the German Commercial Code, forms also part of the comprehensive product pipeline made available to you by us. Comprehensive reporting solutions allow you maximum control and transparency.

Payroll Services

Wage, salary calculation and settlement are self-contained fields of activity within the our organisation. Which in turn are supported by sound expertise and permanent training, enhanced by state of the art administration programs, which allows an optimal cost-efficient use. Our offers each of our clients, within an individual approach, payroll accounting encompassing the following features: maintenance of the personnel files, wage and salary calculation, settlement of social and health insurance contributions, tax deductions for management and employees, preparation of the working and remuneration by-laws, along with social security institutions periodic tax examinations.

IT Services

Our offers your company with specialist staff to advise and assist you on your IT-security. The service comprises of, besides the standard support, also the surveillance and the update management of your computer systems. Our specialised employees install and configure for you all necessary hard, system and user-software. We passes on all corporate live data over your exclusive client portal.

IT Sales

Our IT sales offers you the perfect completion of your outsourcing. By this we mean your company receives besides the technical support and the maintenance, also the correct IT hardware solutions catering for all your needs. This enables you to procure all requirements at one source – economically, efficiently and without any loss on quality. The specialised staff of us will, following a detailed analysis of your wants and needs, provide an optimal IT environment for you. We will start from the hardware, up to the best fitting business software solution. With our IT Pros, we are certainly ready to complete the most complex assignment at a competitive price.

Tax Services

A proper, efficient advisory and counseling tax service, as well as the optimisation of your tax burden, stays the foundation of our services. Our employs specialists to minimise your tax risk. We concentrates in achieving this target on tax opinions, tax interpretations and explanations, consultancy and planning of optimisation measures of your tax burden, as well as on the implementation of the compiled strategies. Further more, our offers a focused advisory service, with regards to tax and accounting policy, due diligence of contracts, advance turnover tax returns and even the representation of your company, versus Polish Tax Chamber.

Legal Services

For a smooth flow of your business, an insightful legal consultancy stays pivotal from the onset. Predicated on the gathered know how, we as a consultancy company created a legal division, which is exactly equipped to live up to the expectations of foreign companies operating in Poland. Starting from the set-up of your business by our branch, a competent legal accompaniment is provided. Within your running operations, we stays at your disposal for performing the due diligence of contracts. Beyond that, the execution of your economic interests, as per your needs, to guarantee an uninterrupted course of actions and events.

Last updated: 13.09.2021

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