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Start-Up Support

For new companies entering into our countries’ market, we offer a range of practical start-up services.

Representation Office Facilities – We administer a number of representation offices from our offices, including provision of registered office, legal and accounting administration, mail forwarding, etc.
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Company Formation – We offer advise in the selection of the appropriate local legal entity together with practical assistance with the entire process of establishment. read more »

Quick Accounting Package – For those companies who wish quickly to start up with flexible local accounting package, we are able to recommend a flexible system that we use ourselves, a system that we can quickly and cheaply tailored to your specific needs. The entity can be up and running within days. Alternatively if your company wishes to modify its own international system for use in Poland, we can give specific advise on the modifications necessary to comply with local Accounting Regulations, including advise on the differences between International and local Standards. read more »

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Starting up a business in Poland has generally never been an easy matter for foreigners due to confusing, complicated, complex and constantly changing tax, insurance and employment laws. getsix® provides complex support for foreign companies doing business in Poland. Our services range from the registration of a company through:

We are members of recognized international accountancy organizations, such as HLB International - an international network of consulting and audit firms. We speak English and German so we are able to guide you through all the legal regulations and make sure that your business in Poland is managed in the most secure way possible to ensure the protection of your business, your assets and your investment in Poland. You can read more about our HLB Membership here.

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