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A One-Stop-Shop Solution for your Business in Poland

A common issue we hear from owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses is the challenge of consolidating their requirements and addressing them – or at least launching some solutions – in a single meeting. Too often, prior to visiting getsix®, they had to shift from one outsourcing firm to another, looking for specialists to address their needs in such diverse categories as tax preparation, financial accounting, HR Administration, payroll services, Dynamics NAV Customisation, Financial Analysis and BI services and even forensic accounting.

getsix® offers a comprehensive suite of Finance and Accounting services that leverage proven technology platforms and standardised business process frameworks. getsix® services are based on industry best-practices, proven workflows and in-house proprietary tools that address both functional and technology challenges, ensuring long-term value to the CFO’s back office.

getsix® provides a comprehensive range of Business, Consulting, Accounting, Payroll and IT services, to provide clients with a one-stop solution for the financial aspect of their organisation. With this burden completely removed, you can focus your energy towards enhancing the efficiency of the other aspects of your operations.

Through extensive research, analysis and strategic planning, getsix® offers valuable insights to enhance the fiscal elements of customers’ businesses. We gain an in-depth understanding of each customer’s needs and design unique tools to manage their finance and accounting services, with a reduced level of risk and increased efficiency being the focal points.

getsix® is able to deliver many benefits to customers through our financial services.

getsix® offers

  • One-Stop-Shop regarding all Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our IT-Services based on our IT-Environment, i.e. with our Business Intelligence or Reporting services;
  • One-Stop-Shop regarding our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) services based on using the same MS Dynamics NAV Database for all the accounting and payroll transactions;
  • One-Stop-Shop regarding our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our Business services. We are for example able to take over various aspects in the Corporate Administration of Customers;
  • One-Stop-Shop regarding our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our Consulting services. We are for example able to assist you in your negotiations with banks or other authorities in Poland;
  • One-Stop-Shop regarding our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our Tax services. We are acting as a Full service provider, therefore we also keep care about Tax Declarations and the respective Year-End-Closing. Our Tax services also include the preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentations if necessary;
  • One-Stop-Shop regarding our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services coupled with our legal services. We are partnering with various law firms, therefore if Legal questions occur we will assist you in contracting the most specialised Law Firm for a specific task.

Effective Finance and Accounting Outsourcing – The getsix® Advantage

getsix® is committed to delivering the best outcomes for our customers. Our financial analysts routinely collect, examine and summarise the customer’s accounts to determine the financial status of the organisation and adjust their approach accordingly. We study our customers’ needs depending on the scale of their operations and provide finance and accounting services to drive their organisations forward. Rather than focusing on short term gains, we look to perform financial and accounting services and generate partnerships based on innovation and transformation, for continual success.

An accurate, accountable and resourceful finance and accounting department is crucial for the long term success of every business. getsix® is an experienced Financial BPO company and can add considerable value to your business through acting as a virtual accounting department. With our finance and accounting experience, getsix® is able to offer high quality, end-to-end accounting and payroll services in the most cost-effective manner, giving you an advantage over competitors.


With our bundled outsourcing solutions approach (One-Stop-Shop), getsix® works with our clients to:

  • Reduce operating risk: The use of multiple service providers creates significant potential for operational failures related to shared processes, systems and controls. Bundling with a single provider greatly reduces these potential points of failure;
  • Simplify the governance process: Investing in a relationship with one provider, clients have only one relationship to manage, reducing administrative and contract activity;
  • Reduce redundancies and costs: Operating multiple processes from a single platform reduces hardware redundancy, development, maintenance and licensing costs;
  • Improve performance: Automating manual processes and activities such as error handling can result in increased productivity and reduced time to complete.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

Elisabeth Neumann , I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Authorised representative, Finance director


Last updated: 20.07.2022

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