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Key benefits of getsix Cloud-based HR and payroll solutions

Each year, the evolution of Cloud-based business software surpasses most analyst expectations. As CPU speeds and Internet bandwidth rates rapidly improve, the Cloud becomes an ever more enticing business tool. Throughout many industries, Cloud implementation is transforming human resources, payroll and all other characteristics of workforce management. By harnessing the power of modern networking, Cloud services enhance traditional management tasks and facilitate entirely new functions.

In many ways, the growth of the Cloud reflects a previous revolution in management technology. Steadily from the 1980’s through to the beginning of 2000, companies steadily phased out paper personnel files and prioritised software implementation. This change saw a dramatic improvement in records security, accuracy and availability. Even thou this evolution was incredibly far-reaching, the growth of Cloud-based workforce software is proving even more dramatic. Better still, Cloud implementation is usually a transparent process with a reasonable learning curve. With Cloud-based application service being a competitive world, only the most user-friendly designs achieve public prominence.

Cloud-based technology is now common place for HR and payroll solutions: substituting out-dated on premise payroll software that is downloaded onto your computer or server at your place of work. Using getsix® Cloud solutions everything is instead located and managed remotely and accessed through the internet. Many businesses are moving to the Cloud because its offers far superior benefits for them as an employer, but also their employees.

Below we focus on some of the key benefits of getsix® Cloud-based solutions for HR and payroll professionals, along you to improve and refine your workforce management.

1. getsix Cloud-based software is flexible and mobile.

Having the ability to respond quickly to any business changes or demands is one of the greatest benefits of a Cloud-based solution.

If for example, you acquired a new company, or expanded your existing company and all its employees, and require to expand your data capacity to hold this new information, you would have the flexibility to increase capacity on a server almost instantly without any resource from your internal IT team.

In this new modern era of mobile devices and teleworking, on-premise workforce software is inexcusably clunky and rigid. Even programs with limited remote capabilities, can fail to deliver fast, efficient management solutions.

As long as users have internet access, they can work from anywhere to access our Cloud-based solutions. With the increasing use of mobile devices and applications to perform HR related tasks, such as viewing payslips or requesting holidays, our Cloud-based solution is essential. These types of benefits led apps would not be possible without it.

2. Incredibly secure Cloud-based records.

As soon as you save any data in the Cloud it becomes securely stored in our remote server location, which holds some of the most strict security system available, just like online banking.

Due to everything being stored in the Cloud if you lose your laptop for example, you can still easily access your confidential data from another device without worrying about lost information.

Also with getsix® following ISO 27001:2013 standards keeping your personnel data on secure, encrypted Cloud servers, managers of your business can update and access records with the utmost confidence. Previously, traditional personnel software stored permanent records in a manner that was fairly insecure. Ranging from hard disk failures and possible fire damage, to accidental deletions, in-house personnel files were vulnerable to a wide range of destructive forces.

3. Using the Cloud can lower overhead costs significantly.

Subject to the size of your operation, your business can spend enormous sums upgrading and maintaining computer hardware. Through getsix® Cloud services, companies can offload these costs and focus squarely on more important priorities. Whatever your specific industry, firms that reduce infrastructure costs are in a much better position for advancing in this competitive economy.

getsix® Cloud services are charged on an agreed ‘per month’ basis. This means there will be no large up-front investment; you only pay as you use the software, so it’s easier to budget.

4. Our Cloud-based approach leads to faster application deployment times.

To achieve vital tasks, modern business managers may use an assortment of complementary applications. In the past, application deployment was often a lengthy, disruptive process. Even without the possibility of unforeseen problems or mishaps, this process could crucially lead to missed deadlines and unmet goals. Today, Cloud-based workforce solutions make it more simple and efficient to deploy important new applications.

These are just a few of the most fundamental advantages of Cloud application services that getsix® can provide. As Cloud services grow and mature, workforce managers will access new software features with even greater utility. Payroll and attendance are two of the most important measures of modern workforce management. Having accurate attendance records, managers can properly gauge where employees stand and which workers need more guidance. Simple payroll mistakes can lower staff morale and discourage employees from performing at full capacity. getsix® Cloud-based workforce software will help to eliminate disruptive payroll mistakes.

Why not migrate your HR and payroll to getsix® Cloud-based solutions? It is both simple, and an efficient process. Your company can experience a new world of convenience, security and mobile access. As the Cloud continues to achieve new levels of speed and reliability, your workforce managers can use the Cloud to enhance your companies essential functions.

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Last updated: 23.08.2022

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