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  • you sell by mail order or want to expand to foreign markets,
  • By producing in Poland you develop on new markets
  • If you are not afraid of new technologies and expect to increase your sales through Amazon or other Marketplaces.

We are your ideal support and partner in accounting and tax consulting.

getsix® is one of the few companies that specializes in providing consulting and accounting services for international eCommerce sales, Amazon FBA, eBay and online stores. If you are an online retailer then you know exactly how many additional issues and difficulties the accounting and tax settlement of international sales on online platforms brings. In addition to the best known sites (Amazon FBA, eBay) there are also less known but equally profitable sales platforms e.g. in Germany e.g., Cdiscount,, The data from different platforms have to be combined and reported, which is often compounded by logistical and warehouse problems. It is worth considering an accounting partner who specialises in settlements with online sellers.

Not many companies are able to provide expert advice and accounting for these types of businesses. This requires expertise in tax and accounting, international import/export, understanding the ins and outs of eCommerce business and many related details. It is also necessary to have access to advanced tools and to know how sales platforms and payment systems work.

About sales and accounting with Amazon platform

We specialize in e-commerce accounting and tax consulting for online stores using the Amazon sales platform, among others.

Amazon is an American retailer and joint-stock company founded in 1994 in Seattle. It focuses its business on B2C e-commerce and operating the world's largest online store. In March 2021, the domain was released and the store officially started its operations in Poland. This opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs, but also new accounting and tax obligations. How to start selling through the Amazon platform and what does it entail?

Amazon has been operating in Poland for many years, their warehouses (e-commerce logistics centers) are located in Bielany Wrocławskie, Sosnowiec and Gliwice. They make it easier for Polish entrepreneurs to enter Amazon's largest European markets. From 2021, thanks to the launch of Amazon online store in Poland, the support for companies is even greater.

Start selling on Amazon. How to do it?

Starting to sell on the Amazon platform is very simple. Just follow a few steps:

  • the first one is to register an account at - you provide the necessary information about your company, choose the payment method, destination services and learn about the seller panel;
  • Next, you select products to sell and create a listing. You also indicate the markets where you will sell. You can list products manually using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service or collectively using Excel templates;
  • In the next step, you configure your account settings (VAT registration, shipping costs, return policy, etc.) and decide whether you want to process and ship your orders yourself or join the Amazon FBA service - then Amazon will take care of warehousing, packaging and shipping of the products delivered to the selected logistics center;
  • Finally, you can start selling on and take advantage of additional options and Amazon support tools, such as: product ads, price and inventory automation, enhanced product cards or promotions and additional selection.

Take advantage of getsix e-commerce accounting and tax advisors

Amazon FBA is a convenient and efficient solution, because we send the package to one country and then Amazon distributes it to the rest of the countries, so that your product reaches buyers quickly. Additionally, it allows you to take advantage of the Amazon Prime program, which offers, among other things, free shipping of products with the Prime logo within 2 days.

On the other hand, it's a big accounting challenge. In the case of Amazon FBA, we can choose to sell by mail order from Poland, in which case it is enough to be a registered VAT payer in Poland until the exemption limits in EU countries are exceeded. The second option is to sell through Amazon warehouses in the European Union. Then the obligation to register and account for VAT arises in each country where we store and sell goods.

All the tax and accounting obligations rest with the e-tailer, so it is worth using the help of external experts who will take care of your accounting and tax settlements.

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Modern Accounting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system

Customers have various options for cooperating with getsix® Group on accounting services, depending on their needs and legal requirements. If a company does not have its own financial and accounting system or has the need to change it, as one of the solutions available from getsix®, we suggest implementing the ERP accounting module Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Accounting for Amazon Sellers

One of the easiest ways to expand internationally is to sell through Amazon. However, this comes with certain requirements and issues arising from the numerous reporting and tax obligations in the various countries around the world where Amazon has a presence. We are often approached by customers regarding the following issues:

  • Improperly withheld taxes,
  • Fines and interest from tax authorities in other EU countries,
  • Incorrectly filed tax returns,
  • Delays, backlogs in filing, reporting and tax offices,
  • Cases stuck halfway due to lack of knowledge of local regulations.

We are often approached by clients in the e-commerce industry who have had problems mainly because their previous accountants did not specialize in accounting for this type of transaction. This resulted in significant tax arrears, which were subject to interest by the tax authorities in Europe. We can fix such problems, but it is time consuming and very expensive, so we prefer to create your accounting from scratch, this way we avoid building up problems.

Up-to-date information on legislative and tax changes

Our clients are pleased with our services because we think ahead. We monitor Polish and international legal changes that may affect your company. We inform our clients about the most important changes by e-mail (client information), so that you can take measures in advance to prepare your organization for the upcoming changes. Your development is the basis of our success, so we treat our customers as business partners and always listen to the voice of the customer and their needs. We try to anticipate potential problems and take measures not only to prevent them, but also to use them to your advantage.

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We invite you to get to know our accounting team

Our Finance & Accounting Expert


Head of Accounting / Senior Manager
Dep.: Outsourcing Accounting - Group B

Our accounting service for online sellers (Amazon FBA, eBay and eCommerce stores) differs by:

  1. Personal customer support
    Every customer has a direct contact person, also with foreign language skills, and an accounting and legal team to support them.
  2. getsix® is part of HLB
    HLB is an international network of tax and accounting firms. It gives us access to a worldwide network of accounting and tax specialists. Wherever you run your business, you can count on the professional support of your consultant in Poland.
  3. Client extranet
    You will have the opportunity to use our client portal, where we will provide you with up-to-date data, financial statements and other reports and documents agreed with you.
  4. Special reports and analysis
    Reliable data analysis is becoming increasingly important. They can become the basis for your competitive advantage. That is why getsix® offers you the possibility to create individual analyses (Big Data Analytics - Real-Time Analytics) in addition to the standard reports available on the extranet.
  5. Reporting and communication in 3 languages
    On request, reporting and communication is available in Polish, German and English.
  6. Well-trained and well-organized professional staff
    The quality of our services has been confirmed by the TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Our accountants and podtk consultants are regularly trained on the latest tax and legal changes.
  7. Highest security standards
    The security of your data is our priority. That is why every year our IT department renews the certificate of the information security management system according to ISO/IEC 2700.

Our accounting, tax and legal advisory offices are located in attractive locations throughout Poland



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VAT services for online sellers

Our VAT registration services in Europe, including for online sellers (Amazon), are very extensive and are therefore listed on a separate website. If you are interested in the services:

We invite online merchants and accounting firms that do not have their own departments specialized in international VAT issues to cooperate with us.

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VAT Compliance service for Online Sellers

Many of our getsix® customers are Amazon sellers from EU or non-EU countries. amavat® is built to help you and assist you with the paperwork and administrative obligations that may be slowing down your growth.

If you are planning or already conducting any of the above (or similar) transactions, it is best to contact getsix® right away for a free consultation.
We also invite you to visit our website.

Informational material about our accounting services for e-commerce:

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

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