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Getsix offers BPO services for Polish and foreign clients. We provide accounting, payroll, office, procurement back office and sales back office services in inshoring and nearshoring schemes. Discover our strengths and advantages of working with getsix Business Process Outsourcing on a nearshoring basis

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest and most dynamically developing industries in Poland. It involves transfer of certain areas of a company's operations to an external provider, highly specialized in such type of service. Outsourcing can be carried out within the same country or abroad. We distinguish between three models of cooperation:

  • offshoring - outsourcing services to very remote countries, like India, the Philippines or Malaysia;
  • inshoring - outsourcing to a supplier in the same country;
  • nearshoring - outsourcing to other country, but not as geographically and culturally distant as in the case of offshoring.

Nearshoring with getsix - let us support your company

Nearshoring is an intermediate solution in outsourcing, between offshoring and inshoring. It is a business strategy in which the company outsources part of its activities to a nearby country. It has a lot of advantages:

  • opposite to offshoring, it does not require, adaptation to very different organisational culture and completely different legal conditions and mentality;
  • it is quite simple to implement;
  • it allows fast communication, without barriers, such as different time zones;
  • it bears much less risks than offshoring;
  • your company gains specialists at a reasonable price;
  • allows you to benefit from low-cost services offered by companies in neighbouring countries.

Nearshoring is increasingly popular, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. More and more companies from Western Europe are outsourcing IT, accounting or customer service mainly to Poland that is renowned for its excellent quality specialists.

Nearshoring from getsix, will give you access to the best professionals in area of:

  • finance and accounting,
  • tax consulting,
  • payroll,
  • office management
  • procurement back office,
  • sales back office. /li>

We provide services on a nearshoring basis at our companies in Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw, Szczecin and Katowice.

Nearshoring with getsix - our advantages

getsix is an experienced and reliable partner for your business. We have been operating in Poland for more than 15 years - starting in 2007. We are also a member of HLB Global - the international association of audit and accounting firms.

What else distinguishes getsix? The benefits of getsix BPO services on a nearshoring basis include:

  • automation of outsourcing processes and data capture in BPO - remote customer service at the highest level;
  • hybrid solutions in the cloud;
  • account manager and individual customer service on a nearshoring basis - a direct contact person who speaks a foreign language;
  • Customer Extranet - a customer portal where you can check all current data;
  • highest security standards - we have an Information Security Management System certificate, in accordance with ISO/IEC 27000;
  • educated and experienced professionals - quality of service confirmed by TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 certification;
  • ability to create individual analyses in real time;
  • high organisational culture - no geographical or cultural barriers between getsix and the customer;
  • efficient and cost-effective alternative to the need to employ staff and set up in-house accounting, HR or procurement departments.

How to begin process optimisation and BPO cooperation with getsix on a nearshoring basis? Just a few steps:

  • contacting a getsix expert;
  • online meeting - identifying needs and discussing scope of cooperation;
  • our proposal for optimizing your company's processes;
  • Determination of a time frame for the implementation of your nearshoring project;
  • implementation of getsix BPO services at your company.

Take advantage of outsourcing your accounting, HR, office, sales and procurement services in nearshoring with getsix. Your business will gain professional service, time and the assurance that your company's service is of the highest standard. We provide nearshoring services to various companies - join the list of our satisfied customers! Feel free to contact us!

Our Nearshoring projects

  • Capturing accounting data from paper documents
  • Manual data input into your accounting system
  • Providing direct access to our accounting system for sales invoices - automatic posting
  • Passive access to data from our accounting system for the client
  • Capturing accounting data from PDF documents
  • Outsourcing of staff - data entry into client's accounting system

To find out more about the projects we have completed, visit

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