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getsix® offers you a wide range of services of various kinds:

Business Services

At the repeated request of our clients we offer services with regard to commerce in addition to bookkeeping and conduct of personnel matters.


We support you not only through our accounting services; we wish also to contribute to your enterprise our experience offering advisory services.


We work on the basis of regular constant monthly fees. It means that month by month you know exactly how much it costs to have the books run.


Constantly changing legal provisions and ordinances for labour law and tax law make the salary calculation often a very time-consuming.

IT Sales

Our aim is to support you with a wide range of most modern IT services: from a sheer idea, through planning process up to final completion.

IT Services

Our professional personnel will advise you in the selection of the most appropriate computer equipment and software.


A proper, efficient advisory and counseling tax service, as well as the optimisation of your tax burden.


For a smooth flow of your business, an insightful legal consultancy stays pivotal from the onset.

Last updated: 22.04.2022

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