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Polish Employment Law

getsix® team comprises of lawyers and tax advisors demonstrating extensive experience and specialist expertise in employment law, tax law and social security benefits. We render comprehensive law and tax advisory services to our clients, both with regard to individual and collective labour law. Understanding their needs are our priority. Our clients include entities from the automotive, logistic and production sectors.

At getsix® we are particularly engaged in providing ongoing legal advisory services, assistance with planning and conducting restructurings of employment establishments, performing the so-called collective redundancies, as well as conducting negotiations with trade unison and preparing collective labour agreements.

One network, one team: A seamless, co-ordinated approach

Moreover, our tax advisors provide assistance with personal income tax settlements (PIT) prepare tax optimisation projects, represent our clients in contacts and disputes with tax authorities, along with offering comprehensive ongoing tax services.

Our team is experienced in drawing up individual employee documents pertaining to different forms of employment, ranging from employment contracts, especially management contracts for management personnel and non-competition agreements, with a special emphasis on tax implications related to such agreements.

The Polish employment law is constantly changing and adapting, to keep pace with modern working practices and demands. getsix® employment lawyers’ expert knowledge and experience, enables them to provide comprehensive guidance and support to both employers and employees in the following areas in the Polish employment law.

  • Scope of employment regulation;
  • Restrictions on managers and directors;
  • Recruitment incentives;
  • Permission to work;
  • Regulation of the employment relationship;
  • Minimum wage;
  • Restrictions on working time;
  • Holiday entitlement;
  • Illness and injury of employees;
  • Statutory rights of parents and carers;
  • Continuous periods of employment;
  • Temporary and agency workers;
  • Data protection;
  • Discrimination and harassment;
  • Whistle-blowers;
  • Dismissal of employees;
  • Redundancy/layoff;
  • Taxation of employment income;
  • Employer and parent company liability;
  • Health and safety obligations;
  • Employee representation and consultation;
  • Consequences of a business transfer;
  • Pensions;
  • State pensions;
  • Supplementary pensions;
  • Tax on pensions;
  • Bonuses;
  • Intellectual property (IP);
  • Restraint of trade.

How can getsix® help?

Our team provides legal advice to clients in the field of employment (labour) law as well as related areas such as social security law.

The services our ‘competence network’ partners include:

  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts;
  • Drafting agreements on co-operation and collective agreements;
  • Corporate regulations on issues related to employees;
  • Advice on issues relating to termination of employment and post-termination restrictions;
  • Discrimination;
  • Restraint of trade and confidentiality;
  • Advice on various substantial and procedural employment law matters;
  • Various verifications of employment law compliance;
  • Assistance to numerous companies in connection to drafting internal regulations and employment-related procedures;
  • Assistance in designing, reviewing and implementing employee incentive plans;
  • Assistance in relation to unions or employee representatives.


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Last updated: 22.04.2022

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