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We at getsix® understand interim management as a set of activities with a defined time, objectives, result and scope, carried out by getsix® partners and individual employees (an interim manager) within our client’s organisation, aimed at specific, agreed business results. getsix® believe, that the most important aspect of the interim manager’s work is increasing the value of an organisation in a given area and reaching the predefined objectives.


getsix® offer our interim management services, as well as our fiduciary services for our clients in Poland, only in such cases when getsix® also provides for the respective company our finance & accounting and our HR & payroll services in a bundle, or it is agreed with our client to outsource this services to us.

getsix® interim management services are most applicable for companies:

  1. intending to start business activity in Poland;
  2. which require pre merge/acquisition reorganisation;
  3. with a temporary lack of suitable candidate for an executive position or during his/her absence;
  4. which intend to undergo a process of restructuring.

getsix® offer interim management in the following areas:

  1. Supervisory Board Member;
  2. General Management (CEO, CFO, General Manager and Board Member);
  3. Finance & accounting (CFO, Financial Director/Manager);
  4. HR & administration (HR Director/Manager and Administration Director/Manager).

Advantages of interim management for the client:

  • Strengthening or completing the management structure organisation-wide or in selected areas;
  • Streamlining of individual business processes;
  • Efficient way to solve a particular problem within the organisation;
  • Opportunity to work with experienced managers from Poland and abroad;
  • Access to the interim manager’s impressive knowledge and experience;
  • Saving time and money necessary to employ and train new staff;
  • No cost of full time employment;
  • Option to link the fee to successful realisation of the project (part of fee based on results).

Value for getsix® clients

Having local expertise and an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the Polish market, getsix® are capable of performing above described services tailored to your requirements.

Last updated: 22.04.2022

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