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Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosting service is one of the most flexible, feature-rich and powerful ERP software solutions available. It’s also a great fit with many smaller and mid-sized organisations. So is cloud computing, and for most businesses, cloud computing is no longer a conversation piece. It’s a reality.

getsix® firmly believes that cloud computing is the way forward for many applications, including ERP software. That’s why we offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a cloud, or SaaS option.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online has all the functionality and flexibility of the on-premise version, but without the capital expenditure. It makes your ERP software a true operational cost, rather than a capital cost. What’s more, you only pay for what you actually use on a per user per month basis. You can change the number of users each month, and your costs are fully transparent, measurable and controllable. Plus you can stop using the software whenever you want – we only need a month’s notice and will not tie you in to a long-term contract.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud?

There are a wide variety of reasons businesses choose ERP solutions as cloud-based deployments. getsix® has found that the most common reasons, and arguably the most compelling, are:

  • Making the ERP solution an operational cost, rather than a capital expenditure; Reduced hardware and IT resource requirements;
  • Cost-effectiveness of outsourcing the management of your infrastructure;
  • Ease of deployment and guaranteed service level agreements;
  • High levels of security, data protection and back-up – beyond that, many on-premise deployments.

Complete Hosting Services Delivery

A key advantage of using the cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from getsix® is that we offer a fully comprehensive service. Management of the infrastructure, including firewalls, load balancing, storage systems, daily back-ups, licences and much more are all included. We use powerful infrastructure to deliver high performance levels – the software works quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Plus we offer guaranteed up time of well over 99%.

Customisations, Configurations and Add-On Applications

In the past, some cloud-based business software solutions have been limited in terms of the amount of customisations and configurations that users, administrators and even business partners can do. However, with Microsoft Dynamics NAVOnline, there are no limitations to the customisations possible. There are also no limitations to the use of add-on applications or third-party products. Due to our IT Services, we are able to customise the NAV application according the special needs of our customers.

Data Security

Our SaaS model for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud is fully compliant with Polish and European data laws. Unlike some ERP, CRM, social media and other cloud applications based outside of Europe, you retain ownership of your data. All data is stored on IT equipment which is owned and operated by getsix®. You always have access to it and can add to it or remove it whenever you require. No-one else will be able to use your data or claim ownership of it. It is also highly secure, our systems are regularly audited and certified to SAS 70 type II (this is higher than many on-premise deployments achieve).

Several levels of support are included when you sign-up to Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud. First line support, which covers anything from “How do I…?” Type questions to administrator issues, is provided during office hours. There is also self-service support, which enables you to enter, log, and track issues any time you like. We also offer 24/7 operational management and incident support. So if ever you need help, we’re available.

Try It for Free!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online is a highly functional and flexible product that works extremely well as a cloud-based ERP solution. So why not try it out? Concentrix is offering UK businesses a one month, proof of concept trial for free. Just contact us for details and we’ll set you up – with no obligation. For more information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud, please contact getsix®.

Reliable and secure SaaS software hosting service

SaaS for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Software-as-a-Service or SaaS is a method of delivering software over the Internet. It is an on-demand software service where a SaaS vendor hosts the application and the data in a central location and provides end-users access to the software remotely. SaaS is very beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses because such businesses have the need for technology but that doesn’t have the capital to invest in software, server hardware and other infrastructures.

SaaS can be seen as an alternative hosting option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Users rent the software and access web-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV over the Internet from anywhere in the world. With SaaS, businesses do not need to worry about maintenance and infrastructure, such as installation, set-up, server, and software. Internet is the only infrastructure an end user will need to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Pay-as-you-go Model

Traditionally, users own the software and they are required to pay for the Dynamics NAV package and license. SaaS, on the other hand, lets end-users access Dynamics NAV at a monthly subscription price. This pay-as-you-go model is one of the greatest advantages of SaaS. At SimCrest, you pay a one-time startup fee plus a low monthly fee for fully functional Dynamics NAV including server space and licensing from the time of Go-Live. Simply put, the recurring subscription fee is on a per user basis and it includes the cost of hardware, software, enhancement fee, licensing, IT support, maintenance, and backups.

What are the benefits?

Lowered Upfront Cost

The state-of-the-art technology is what every organization wants. However, the upfront investment may be a cost barrier to many businesses, especially small and mid-sized organizations. Since no additional hardware is needed, and payment is made monthly, businesses can save a huge initial cost. This is a cost savings, which can be reallocated to business operations and used to fund business growth. Having no upfront investment in either hardware or software allows SaaS to relieve a company’s financial situation and helps to enhance the cash flow.

Less Need of Internal IT Staff and Support

By outsourcing software to a SaaS provider, organizations would need fewer internal IT personnel. Instead of assisting user support and maintaining aging infrastructure, internal IT personnel can concentrate on improving the day-to-day technical operations and making strategic decisions.

Peace of Mind

Some businesses may lack internal IT staff to support software and some may feel the maintenance of IT infrastructure is complex and time-consuming. However, as a SaaS provider hosts the software, they handle all the tasks, including server, server support, licensing, maintenance, data backups, and on-going IT support, for you. The SaaS model leaves you peace of mind and allows you to focus more on core competencies to run your business.

True Flexibility

SaaS enables you to save more by giving you the flexibility to adjust the total number of user licensing. Since subscription fee is charged monthly based on per user, you can easily change the number of users every month to fit personnel situations and avoid the expenditure of unused licensing.

Global Availability

Through Internet, SaaS enables users to access Dynamics NAV anytime and anywhere. As long as there is Internet, businesses benefit from better business mobility and global availability, which lead to enhanced productivity and increased control of information.

12 good reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: a tried and tested solution

More than a million people in over 70,000 businesses, companies and group subsidiaries have been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 150 countries for more than 20 years. In France, 1,800 small and medium-sized companies use this software suite to manage their activity.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV optimizes the critical functions of businesses, and enables them to adapt to each new functional requirement. You too can improve your functional coverage and harmonize or organize your global operations.

Complete and customizable functional coverage

Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers the key functions of your company, from sales and marketing to purchasing, production, logistics and distribution, projects, services and finance. The solutions offered by 3Li enable you to adapt the Microsoft software suite precisely to the needs of your company and your sector of activity.

An efficient and durable service for a long-term investment

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Microsoft Business Solution’s offer dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. Adopt a sustainable solution from a durable vendor. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV R&D department guarantees the product’s scalability, that its functionality will be permanently extended and that it will remain in line with market changes, including standards.

Rapid implementation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to administer and implement, a fact that immediately cuts deployment costs, whether or not customization is required. Deployment is also made easier and quicker by a service provider who is close at hand and reactive.

A made-to-measure user interface to get started intuitively and immediately

The software features the familiar and user-friendly Microsoft user interface. The main window contains an overview of all the essential tasks and information. You can customize your environment to meet your own preferences using the navigation pane. 21 predefined roles give each user immediate access to the information they need.

Compatible with Microsoft’s solutions

Dynamics NAV is natively interoperable with all of Microsoft’s solutions and every user in the enterprise can access the ERP data by the means best adapted to their role and their usage. Occasional users or users with a limited scope of operation can access the ERP through a simple Office document.

The solution to multi-company challenges

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used to share basic data and to automate exchanges, transactions or transfers between companies in a manner that is totally transparent to the users. Accessing and sharing information is made easier and the software enhances both coordination and real-time analyses.

The gateway to e-business and international activity

You can open up the information system to customers, suppliers and even partners and employees through web portals. Extend your range of services, optimize your supplier relations and stay connected with your remote or mobile employees. This multi-lingual, multi-legislation and multi-currency solution is available in more than 46 localized versions and is adapted to the specifics of the country where it is implemented.

Integrate the Service dimension

Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers both the service and maintenance functions, from service contracts and periodic invoicing, to the installed base and installations, interventions, assignment of technicians and task scheduling.

Manage customer relations

The integrated customer relation features provide your sales force and all the company departments in contact with customers with the means of developing new business and deploying marketing campaigns and operations. By sharing information with customers, your actions will become more relevant and you can interact with your business partners.

Functional management of accounts and finance

The integrated cost accounting functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are genuine business analysis tools: an unlimited number of criteria, management hierarchies, budget targets and deviations, dynamic reporting tools. You will benefit from high-performance tools for the general ledger, third-party and budget accounting and fixed asset management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is certified as NF-compliant by French chartered accountants.

Meet demands for traceability

Microsoft Dynamics NAV covers all the aspects of traceability, from the administrative tracking of transactions and financial impacts, to movements of goods, tracking by batch, serial number or pallet ID and physical recognition, thanks to the universal use of automatic identification.

Effective administration of distribution and warehousing

The ERP helps to shorten leadtimes thanks to its warehouse management feature with advanced functions, such as the dynamic allocation of locations, stock replenishment, picking and cross-docking processes. Optimize supplies and rationalize goods flows, from physical receipts or direct deliveries, to grouped shipments and inter-site transfers.


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