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Improve scanning productivity and capture efficiency

With Kofax VRS Elite, organisations can significantly improve the return on investment from document scanning implementations. Particularly in high-volume, rapid-throughput operations, productivity can be adversely affected by poor quality originals which require subsequent re-scanning, or time-consuming scanned document correction.

Poor quality scanned documents can also hamper the productivity of related data extraction processes, or processes requiring rapid conversion of printed content to a text-searchable format. In these and other scenarios, the automatic correction capabilities built into Kofax VRS features can be invaluable in maximising document scanning efficiency and productivity.

No special operator knowledge required

With Kofax VRS Elite, scanner operators can quickly and easily improve the quality of scanned documents without the need for special knowledge, filters or image enhancement techniques.

The scanned document quality of blueprints, security paper, documents with coloured backgrounds and wrinkled, creased or stained documents can be dramatically improved with little or no manual intervention.

When accuracy is critical

The viability of some electronic document workflows can rely heavily on accurate data capture from scanned documents. In these situations, processing scanned documents with Kofax VRS 5 provides a reliable platform for subsequent OCR and ICR recognition processes. VRS improves the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) and hand writing recognition (ICR), while significantly reducing the requirement for document re-scanning, or lengthy correction of errors in OCR and ICR generated content.

Some further benefits of Kofax Virtual ReScan include:

  • Reduced document preparation time prior to scanning;
  • Enabling automatic switching from black & white to colour scanning, eliminating the need for manual document sorting or separating;
  • Rapid removal of hole punch markings and similar scanning artefacts;
  • Smaller scanned document image sizes;
  • Can be used to improve the quality of a wide range of scanned documents including proof of delivery notes, receipts, plans and drawings, hand-printed forms, invoices and certificates.


Last updated: 21.07.2022

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