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Professional accounting for e-commerce with getsix®

Our company offers comprehensive and high-quality financial and accounting services and tax consultations for e-commerce businesses operating nationwide.


  • You run a dynamically developing online trading platform,
  • You strive to optimize costs and financial processes,
  • You are open to modern technologies and expect convenient access to the analysis of financial information,

we are undoubtedly the ideal team to support you in the field of accounting and tax advisory, dedicated specifically to your e-commerce activities.

At getsix®, we understand that specialized consulting and professional accounting for e-commerce require not only in-depth tax and accounting knowledge but also a thorough understanding of international import/export and the unique business aspects of this industry. Our team consists of experienced accountants and experts who continuously improve their qualifications to stay up to date of the latest trends and regulations governing this dynamic sector.

The services offered by the company are not limited to standard accounting; - we also specialize in providing high-quality accounting consultancy for international e-commerce sales, Amazon FBA, eBay, and other online sales platforms.

By choosing getsix®, you get a team of professionals who not only have excellent knowledge in e-commerce accounting, but also understand your unique needs, business goals, and potential challenges.

e-commerce accounting

E-commerce - new opportunities, new challenges

E-commerce is gaining more and more popularity as the main sales channel for many new businesses. With the ability to conduct transactions from anywhere in the world, entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to develop their business. However, running an e-commerce business comes with some challenges. With the growing number of transactions, automatically generated invoices, and payments made via external platforms such as Allegro, PayU, or Przelewy 24. It becomes necessary to effectively manage e-commerce accounting and to provide advisory services to e-commerce companies operating on sales platforms.

In this context, the automation of accounting processes, integration of different platforms, and real-time data synchronization become essential elements that enable full control over the accounting of an e-commerce store. It is important being aware of these additional challenges that come with running an e-commerce business and to entrust your accounting to experienced professionals.

We guarantee high-quality services and a comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs and requirements.

getsix® for e-commerce accounting

Our clients’ experience shows that only a few companies are able to provide professional consulting and accounting services for the e-commerce industry. This is due to the need for specialized knowledge in the field of taxes and accounting, international import/export, and an understanding of the specifics of e-commerce business.

Additionally, it is crucial to have access to advanced tools and up-to-date knowledge about the functioning of sales platforms and payment systems.

For over a decade, we have been supporting e-commerce businesses in Poland and other European countries in managing comprehensive e-commerce accounting, including full double-entry bookkeeping, revenue and expense books, as well as lump-sum taxation of recorded revenues.

We place great importance on data security and the confidentiality of our clients' information. We use advanced tools and technologies to ensure the protection of your information and prevent any risks associated with cybersecurity.

If you sell on platforms such as Amazon FBA, eBay, or e-commerce stores and need support in legal and tax matters, along with an individual approach to your business, we are here to help.

Our accounting services for e-commerce

Our accounting outsourcing services for e-commerce include:


  • Ongoing registration of accounting documentation.
  • Detailed analysis of financial documents to ensure data accuracy and completeness.
  • VAT settlements according to Polish law.
  • Preparation of JPK VAT reports (JPK_V7M / JPK_V7K) and EU VAT declarations in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Tax settlements support for e-commerce.
  • Tax advice for online sellers:, including complex procedures and tax regulations.
  • Power of Attorney to represent your company with the competent tax authorities.
  • Offer professional advice and support in accounting matters.
  • Provision of guidelines and strategies for optimizing accounting processes.
  • Execution of additional tasks related to comprehensive e-commerce accounting services.

Monthly statements at scheduled deadlines:

Periodic preparation of monthly tax declarations and statistical reports in accordance with Polish and international law. Preparation of tax, insurance, and statistical forms for relevant institutions. Our experienced experts will ensure timely closing of the accounting month and preparation of all necessary tax declarations and reports in accordance with applicable Polish and international law. Additionally, we provide comprehensive advice on significant tax and legal changes that may affect your business. Upon request, we can also arrange payment preparations in coordination with your bank.

Customer extranet for online stores, e-commerce industry


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Modern Accounting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system

Customers have various options for cooperating with getsix® Group on accounting services, depending on their needs and legal requirements. If a company does not have its own financial and accounting system or has the need to change it, as one of the solutions available from getsix®, we suggest implementing the ERP accounting module Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Through Via the Customer Extranet platform, it is possible to integrate popular sales platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Allegro with the accounting system. Invoices generated by the online store will be automatically entered into the accounting system, allowing real-time monitoring of revenues, costs, and taxes associated with e-commerce activities.

The Customer Extranet is an intuitive and flexible platform enabling that enables periodic generation of reports and e-commerce store summaries. We introduce automation in e-commerce accounting processes through integration with the sales platform. Our platform allows remote access from anywhere in the world, providing access to accounting documentation, summaries, and reports, all through an intuitive user panel.

Our solution enables direct exchange of information between e-commerce businesses and our accounting team. With our support in e-commerce accounting, you can focus on business development and revenue growth. Save time, money, and avoid stress related to the online store accounting processes. Moreover, you will gain full control over your finances by working with a professional accounting office.

We offer comprehensive support, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and compliance with regulations, which will allow you to concentrate on business development and achieving a competitive advantage in the e-commerce field.

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Accounting for e-commerce - What are our distinguishing features?

Our comprehensive e-commerce accounting services excel by:

  • Direct exchange of information.

    Our system allows a smooth and secure exchange of financial data between your e-commerce store and our accounting team. This ensures immediate and precise transmission of information regarding orders, payments, invoices, and other transactions, eliminating the need for manual transcription and the risk of errors.

  • Individual customer service.

    Each client has the opportunity to collaborate with proficient personal contact partner who is fluent in multiple foreign languages. Additionally, they clients are supported by a team of experts available to assist with any queries or concerns.

  • Optimization of accounting processes.

    Our experienced team of accountants specializes in the e-commerce sector and knows its specific requirements. This expertise allows us to optimize the accounting processes of your online store, addressing industry-specific needs such as handling various payment methods, returns, discounts, and taxes.

  • Customer Extranet.

    We provide our clients with 24/7 access to a the customer portal, which allows a convenient access to real-time financial data, reports, and statements in the cloud, tailored to your needs. The portal ensures a comfortable and secure environment for sharing and storing crucial business documents.

    This system enables a seamless and secure exchange of financial data between your e-commerce shop and our accounting team. This ensures that information about orders, payments, invoices and other transactions is transmitted instantly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual transcription and the risk of errors.

  • Accuracy and regulatory compliance.

    Collaborating with a professional accounting firm ensures that your books are maintained in accordance with applicable accounting regulations and standards. We guarantee accurate financial settlements, taking into account all necessary aspects such as taxes, VAT, and other liabilities.

  • Reporting and data analysis.

    Our e-commerce accounting services include the generation of detailed financial reports, to help you track and analyze key success indicators like revenues, costs, margins, and profitability. Additionally, we offer the option to create personalized real-time analyses (Big Data Analytics - Real-Time Analytics - Power BI) alongside standard reports available in our client portal.

  • We are a part of HLB International.

    As part of HLB International, a global network of audit and advisory firms, we have access to a worldwide network of accounting and tax experts. Regardless of your business location, you can always rely on the professional support of our consultants in Poland.

  • Highest Security Standards.

    We would like to emphasize that our priority is to ensure the highest level of protection of your information. Our IT team regularly updates the Information Security Management System certificate in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 requirements.

  • Contentment and focus on business development with getsix® experts.

    We take pride in the quality of our services, officially affirmed through the acquisition of the TÜV NORD ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Our accountants and tax advisors regularly participate in periodic training to stay up to date with the latest changes in tax and legal regulations. With our support in e-commerce accounting, you can relieve yourself of the tedious and time-consuming accounting tasks and focus on the strategic development of your business. We will take care of all financial aspects, allowing you to focus on generating greater revenues and achieving success in e-commerce.

We invite you to get to know our e-commerce accounting team. Meet our team.

Our Finance & Accounting Expert


Head of Accounting / Senior Manager
Dep.: Outsourcing Accounting - Group B

Contact our advisor and get professional e-commerce accounting services for online merchants!

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Related services for the e-commerce sector:

E-commerce accounting - Accounting and tax liabilities in Poland

In today's business environment, the e-commerce sector represents a significant segment of the economy, requiring a precise approach to accounting and tax matters. In Poland, e-commerce activities are subject to specific legal and tax regulations, compliance with which is crucial for the legal and efficient operation of businesses. Below, we will discuss the main aspects of accounting and tax obligations for the e-commerce industry in Poland.

Business registration:

According to the Act on Freedom of Economic Activity, all business activities, including e-commerce, require registration in the appropriate register. E-commerce entrepreneurs have to register their companies, which allows the issuance of the NIP (Tax Identification Number) and REGON (National Business Registry Number) –these are key numbers needed to conduct legal business.

Income taxes and VAT records:

E-commerce entrepreneurs are obligated to settle income taxes (CIT or PIT, depending on the legal form of the company) and value-added tax (VAT). Accurate bookkeeping and proper VAT tax settlement in accordance with current regulations are crucial.

Invoices and documentation:

Invoices issued in the e-commerce sector must meet formal requirements, such as numbering, issuance date, seller and buyer details, tax rates, etc. Storing of invoices and transaction-related documentation is mandatory, in accordance with the regulations of the Goods and Services Tax Act.


Accurate accounting is crucial for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Accounting records should reflect the actual financial situation of the company. The Accounting Act regulates the principles of bookkeeping, and entrepreneurs are required to prepare annual financial statements.

Monitoring regulatory changes:

In the dynamic business environment of the e-commerce sector, maintaining compliance with current legal and tax regulations is essential. Changes in regulations can have a significant impact on business operations and tax burdens. Therefore, entrepreneurs must systematically monitor and adapt to any changes.

Remember that complex decisions require full understanding. Before you decide to take advantage of getsix® services, we warmly invite you to contact our advisor, who will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and comprehensive information regarding the terms of cooperation, ensuring that your decision is well-informed and tailored to your expectations.

Your trust and satisfaction are crucial to us, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our offer is fully tailored to your needs. With getsix®, you can focus on running your e-commerce business, being sure that all your accounting and tax obligations will be properly taken care of.

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