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The getsix® Private Cloud Architecture

Our own IT Infrastructure which is operated and maintained by getsix® Services Sp. z o.o. gives us the flexibility to offer various IT Services to our Clients and gives us the possibility to use the advantages of an professional IT Environment for our internal processes.

Cloud computing is a new concept that has become famous due to its strangeness and audacity. Put simply, cloud computing provides resources from remote sources that you would otherwise have on your own machine or premises. One important feature of cloud computing is that while you are accessing resources and services from remote locations, you have the impression that they are right in front of you, on your computer, or right in your office.

There are two sides to cloud computing – the front end, which is the user’s end, and the back end, which is the company offering the service or resource through the cloud. The link between the front end and the back end is a network, usually the Internet. There is the interface between the two ends, which allows the user to make use of the resources being serviced from the back end. This interface could simply be a web browser, or a simple application which is using the date from the getsix® Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud computing is essentially a series of levels that function together in various ways to create a system; this system is also referred to as cloud computing architecture.

There are essentially 3 tiers in our cloud computing architecture, they are:

  • Applications;
  • Platform / Programming;
  • Resources / Infrastrcture.

These 3 tiers are combined and implemented in such a way to form our cloud computing architectural design, to fit our needs. If we further break down our cloud computing architecture there are really two areas to deal with; the Front End and Back End.

Back-End Infrastructure and Applications

The back end is populated with the various servers, data storage devices, hardware and applications that facilitate the functionality of our cloud computing network.

Front-End Infrastructure and Applications

The front end includes all client (user) devices and hardware in addition to their computer network and the applications that they actually use to make a connection with the cloud.


Last updated: 28.12.2021

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