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Security and Business Continuity at getsix®

At getsix®, we are sensitive to customer concerns about technological threats to financial services security and data privacy. All data sent to us by customers is given due respect as proprietary information and treated with the utmost confidentiality. We sign-off on legally binding Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements and do not use this information without the prior permission of the concerned customer.

At getsix®, we ensure that entry into our premises and our various projects areas are restricted. We have installed access control devices and monitoring systems to prevent and detect unauthorised access. You can be assured of total security as your data will be stored on our 128-bit encrypted servers (FTP server) in our co-location provider / Datacenter in Poland. Complete security is ensured at three levels. Prevention is the first stage where we ensure the prevention of a security breach. Detection is the next level, in the unlikely event of a security breach. In the third level, we will come up with a quick response, by providing a recovery and remedial action for the situation.

Security Measures at getsix®

  • The use of dual monitors, which increases efficiency and eliminates the use of paper;
  • Workstations / ThinClients are secured with Anti-Virus Protection and Back-Up Drive Manager;
  • Maintaining of audit trails of all system activities;
  • No external drives on operators systems;
  • Restricted print permissions.

Network and Security

At getsix®, we’re geared up to meet the demands of today’s complex business environments, which require uninterrupted access to information and advanced applications across extended geographies. We use advanced VPN technology for secure interaction. Strict protocols for security auditing, reporting and monitoring ensures that data is secured at every stage, while backup drive managers secure the workstations. We ensure secure, robust, encrypted data transfer to Customer.

Our network is protected by Cisco® technology Cisco® Network Assistant provides intuitive, centralised network management and simplifies many common networking activities. It is optimised for wired and wireless LANs. Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches maximise networking efficiency and resilience. They provide flexible, cost-effective switching for optimised business support and enhance user productivity while protecting devices in the network.

Our IT Professionals

getsix® IT team is responsible for the maintenance and management of our IT technology, including information security and ensuring that our computer systems run effectively. The team is based on-site, which enables rapid IT support when required.

The IT team is also responsible for our IT strategy, ensuring that we invest in leading edge technology that provides for efficient processes and an effective online accounting service for our customers.

Additionally, the IT team is closely involved with integrating clients’ IT systems with our own to ensure the secure and efficient transfer of data from one system to the other, thereby automating the accounting process where possible and keeping costs to a minimum.

getsix® also offers our specialist IT team to advise and assist you on your IT-security. The service comprises of, besides the standard support, also the surveillance and the update management of your computer systems. Our dedicated employees install and configure for you all the necessary hard, system and user-software. getsix® passes on all corporate live data over your exclusive client portal.

This dedicated IT Services Team provide access to a specialised team trained on the individual IT needs of each assigned customer.

  • Better quality of information;
  • Control and visibility;
  • Responsiveness to any performance issues;
  • Faster validation;
  • Importantly security.

Our platforms allow our clients to achieve perfection in their administration, through better management and control of their operations. More efficient, flexible and better executed business processes means lower costs and faster return on your investment. getsix® provides the tools for project planning, automation, process simulation, control performed by humans, and the tools to integrate with other business applications.

Internet Connectivity

getsix® is using the advantages of our co-location provider regarding excellent Internet Connectivity.


getsix® is using the advantages of our co-location provider who hosts our IT Back End Infrastructure.

Security / Access Control

getsix® is using the advantages of our co-location provider regarding Security and Access Control.


Last updated: 28.12.2021

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