getsix® would like to congratulate HLB M2 Tax & Audit

getsix® would like to congratulate HLB M2 Tax & Audit on their recent rankings which were released 17th April, 2018 by the leading Polish economic newspapers Rzeczpospolita and Parkiet. HLB M2 was ranked on high positions reaching: 11th – General Ranking (previously 14th) 12th – Ranking in terms of ‘Income...
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Marlena celebrates 5 years at getsix®

We are driven by excellent people Congratulations to Marlena Szydłowska for achieving 5 years of excellent service with getsix® Poznań office. On Monday Marlena celebrated 5 years of service, so with please the getsix® Poznań reprezentative Anna Moeglich, presented our special getsix® basket to say a big thank you! The...
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Employee’s Capital Plans – Additional Pension Schemes

From 2019, some companies will be required to create ‘Employee Capital Plans’ for their employees, as part of additional pension schemes. This obligation will be phased in, with companies with more than 250 employees affected. The minimum contribution paid by an employer and also the employee should be 3.5%. Employees...
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Bulgaria increases there Intrastat Reporting Threshold in 2018

Bulgaria as of the 1st January, 2018 increased the ‘Intrastat Reporting Thresholds’ for both arrivals and dispatches. Arrivals threshold will be greater than before, increasing from BGN 410,000.00 to BGN 430,000.00 (approximately €220,000.00), with dispatches threshold being increased from BGN 240,000.00 to BGN 260,000.00 (approximately €133,000.00). Additionally, the statistical thresholds...
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Portugal’s February Tax Dates

Conceito our Portuguese amavat® Partner Firm has put together an English document with generic* information regarding Portugal’s ‘Tax Calendar’ for February 2018. (also available in Portuguese below)     Click here for English version Click here for Portuguese version *might not be applicable to your organisation amavat® provides a one-stop-shop...
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The EU Council issues its VAT priorities for 2018

The Presidency of the Council of the EU, which is held in Bulgaria for the first half of 2018, has issued its priorities for indirect tax. These comprise of: Implementing the Norwegian agreement on administrative co-operation on VAT; Approving a long-term minimum standard VAT rate for all Member States; Settlement...
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