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The Kofax capturing solutions are designed and developed to deliver immediate results. It accelerates business processes by collecting paper documents, forms and e-documents, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering the data to your business applications and databases.


What is the difference between Kofax Express and Kofax Capture?

Kofax Express is an advanced scanning application that is developed by the market leader, for the purpose of enabling companies to effectively scan and index business content. Kofax Express is designed for batch scanning, while Kofax Capture is an enterprise-level solution that supports the following advanced features:

  • Custom modules;
  • Advanced recognition and extraction capabilities for complex documents;
  • Scripting;
  • Multiple document classes;
  • Automatic text and layout classification;
  • Distributed scanning and remote location capture;
  • Enterprise platform for enabling document driven processes.

Kofax Capture is the perfect upgrade to Kofax Express, when additional features and enhanced scalability is required. When we implement a BPM Solution for our customers we use Kofax Express or Kofax Capture depending on the individual requirements.


Last updated: 10.01.2022

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