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For over 15 years we have been supporting European entrepreneurs with accounting and bookkeeping. Among our long-standing clients, there are companies from Europe (among others: Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain), North and South America and Asia. We provide accounting, tax and payroll services for companies in such industries as: industry and manufacturing, automotive, e-commerce, IT and many others.

Benefits of accounting and bookkeeping services outsourcing:

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accounting firm allows you to significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining your own in-house accounting department, but also increases your sense of security. It should be remembered that the legal responsibility for accounting errors is borne by the entity to which the accounting relates. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that all settlements are carried out by experienced accountants, who regularly improve their qualifications and knowledge of taxes and legal changes.

Outsourcing financial processes enable companies to access expertise and technologies that are unavailable to them in-house, due to these resource constraints. The expertise and efficiency of Finance and Accounting Outsourced (FAO) service providers reduces costs. In addition, the technology platforms used by FAO providers simplify financial processes through automation and establish controls, through the use of predefined business rules.

Why choose getsix® Accounting Outsourcing?

Wondering which accounting firm to choose? Do you want to be sure that your company’s finances are in good hands? Here we explain the benefits of outsourcing your accounting to us.

Providing accounting services for your company we guarantee:

  • quick contact with tax specialists who will answer all your questions;
  • access to your accounting documents from any place in the world via an easy-to-use online platform;
  • constant compliance of your accounting books with current legislation;
  • adaptation of our services to the individual needs of your company;
  • security of the information entrusted to us guaranteed by implementation of the ISO 27001 standard
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  • high quality of services confirmed by certificates;
  • promptness.

Our experienced, interdisciplinary team, consisting of accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, HR and IT specialists, constantly extends its knowledge and reacts to any changes in the legal and economic environment.

We will make sure that your settlements are carried out accurately, in accordance with current legislation and always on time. We will ensure that you do not miss any of the obligations related to bookkeeping and we will make sure that your company takes advantage of all the opportunities to improve its financial performance.

Our Client Service Manager will support you in selecting the right services for your business and ensure that you are always in touch with the team that handles your case

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Accounting services for enterprises

getsix® accounting services can be integrated with on-shore, off-shore, near-shore or a hybrid of labour, that allow enterprises to take advantage of labour arbitrage and the security of processing on-shore. Through getsix® accounting services enterprises can save significant processing costs, increase financial controls, improve working capital and meet respective compliance requirements.

Accounting services for enterprises include the following capabilities:

  • Accounting
  • Tax Processing
  • Reporting
  • Cost and Performance Accounting
  • Integration – ERP Systems, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Document Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customised Solutions

getsix® infrastructure currently processes thousands of transactions annually and is proven to be scalable to accommodate the high transaction volumes associated with enterprises. getsix® uses ISO 9001 for high quality, consistent service and its annual ISO audits provide customers with confidence that their transactions will be processed and maintained accurately, predictably and safely.

Innovative accounting office

getsix® accounting services provides innovative service offerings which align with differing needs of enterprises, whether they are: centralised or distributed; large or small; or domestic or international. These services allow for an organisation to take advantage of them in steps that fit their critical needs.

getsix® accounting services for enterprises have been designed to ’fill-the-gaps’ within their existing infrastructure, technology and labour to provide flexibility, to produce cost savings and control improvements. getsix® accounting services span the wide breadth of offering that includes independent steps of processing payables, including processing specialised payables like utility bills and expense account reimbursements, making payments, performing billings, completing General Ledge coding, providing business intelligence and analytics. Or a company can choose to combine all the steps and outsource an entire accounting department.

Technology platform for bookkeeping and information exchange

getsix® technology platform has been engineered to be flexible and able to be seamlessly, easily integrated and interfaced with existing customer third party ERP systems, or other business process platforms enabling enterprises to use the best-of-breed technologies and to continue achieve returns on investments in existing technologies. Discrete solutions enable enterprises to outsource selected specific functions, what they want, when they want, or the entire end to end process.

In the era of digitization, when more and more companies decide to work in the home office mode – unlimited remote access to financial and accounting documentation or necessary summaries and reports has become particularly important.

When using remote services, special care should be taken to ensure that company data is properly secured. A great facilitation will also be the ability to independently organize documents in folders and the ease of use of the user panel.

In order to meet these expectations, as part of our services we provide you with the possibility of using the “Customer Extranet” customer portal which enables instant and completely remote exchange of documents and information between our customers and their accountants.


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Modern Accounting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system

Customers have various options for cooperating with getsix® Group on accounting services, depending on their needs and legal requirements. If a company does not have its own financial and accounting system or feels the need to change it, as one of the solutions available from getsix®, we suggest implementing the ERP accounting module Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Polish “full accounting” (pełna księgowość) in questions and answers

Why is it worth keeping books of accounts?

Books od account and financial statements are an invaluable source of knowledge about the company. Thanks to them you can easily follow and control financial flows – not only related to revenues and costs – but also those resulting from receivables (e.g. issued and unpaid invoices) or liabilities (e.g. contracted credits) that have not yet been actually settled.

Such knowledge, combined with professional management, allows to identify the sources of financial losses and indicate the areas of activity which bring the highest profits. On this basis, new strategies can be created and decisions can be made on the direction of the company’s development, allowing for an effective improvement of the financial result.

When analysing accounting books and drawing up a company development strategy, it is worth taking advantage of the support of an experienced advisor.

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What is Polish ‘full accounting’?

Polish regulations allow several forms of simplified accounting, however the term “full accounting” (pełna księgowość) is commonly used to describe the most complex way of keeping accounts in a company or institution, on the basis of the books of accounts – in accordance with the Accounting Act (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 121, item 591, as amended).

Despite the fact that the system of keeping such accounts is very complex, detailed and requires specialist skills – the idea itself is very simple: the point is to record, i.e. make appropriate notes on everything that is directly related to earning, spending and transferring money in a company (so-called “economic events”).

Who must keep ‘full accounting’ books in Poland?

The obligation to keep books of accounts results from the Accounting Act and depends primarily on the type of business entity. According to the regulations, books of accounts has to be kept by:

  • commercial companies;
  • Entrepreneurs (in accordance with the Entrepreneurs’ Law and the Law on Succession Management of a Natural Person’s Enterprise and other facilitations related to business succession), whose net revenues exceed the annual limit of EUR 2,000,000;
  • Enterprises in inheritance, if books of accounts were kept in them before the opening of the inheritance;
  • organisational units operating under the Banking Law;
  • municipalities, districts, provinces and their unions (along with their units and budgetary establishments);
  • organisational units without legal personality (with certain exceptions);
  • branches and representative offices of foreign enterprises (in accordance with the Act on the Principles of Participation of Foreign Enterprises and Other Foreign Persons in Business Operations in the Republic of Poland);
  • other entities if they receive grants or subsidies from public funds (state budget, budgets of local government units or special purpose funds.

When you don’t have to worry about “full accounting” while running a business in Poland?

No need to keep books of accounts for entities whose net income from:

  • sole tradership,
  • civil partnership,
  • general partnership,
  • partnership,
  • inherited enterprise,

did not exceed EUR 2,000,000 for the previous fiscal year. This limit is converted according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland as at the first working day of October of the previous tax year.

Is it worth to outsource Polish bookkeeping to an accounting office?

It is not easy to keep your own books of accounts and prepare financial statements in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act. It is necessary to hire an experienced accountant who knows the current regulations perfectly well and is characterized by high accuracy and work discipline. However, in the ever-changing legal and economic environment – even the most experienced employee will require continuous training, courses and time to upgrade its’ skills to keep up with the changes.

Another challenge faced by entrepreneurs hiring an accountant is to ensure continuity of bookkeeping. Any absence due to random factors can lead to serious tax arrears and result in additional costs related to penalties. Choosing outsourcing as a solution for keeping books of accounts in an enterprise provides security and continuity of tax settlements.

Many companies are confronted with the need to reduce accounting costs and to comply with the required financial reporting standards. Compounding this problem is the requirement that they must address these requirements, with resource constraints on their capital budget and staffing. These compliance standards have also added complexities to many of the financial processes.

Our team of accountants and tax advisors

In our accounting offices an experienced team of accountants, lawyers and tax advisors will take care of your accounts.

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Dep.: Outsourcing Accounting – Group B

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