Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Approach

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Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO approach) works in the following steps: Assess, Design, Implementation & Operations.


  • Identify needs and objectives (i.e. strategic plan);
  • Identify high level issues related to organisation, people, processes, and systems;
  • Develop potential solutions (department organisation, personnel, procedural, re-engineering, and system based);
  • Identify potential technology solutions;
  • Analyse current costs;
  • Perform high level review of personnel policies and employee benefits to identify transition issues.

BPO Approach


  • Interview personnel to identify procedural, control deficiencies and to assess personnel skills;
  • High level process maps to identify re-engineering opportunities;
  • Detailed review of personnel policies and employee benefits;
  • Complete selection of technology solution;
  • Finalise solution projects, timing, resources and scope;
  • Finalise pricing.


  • Finalise outsourcing services agreement (BPO Agreement);
  • Engage appropriate resources for implementation;
  • Develop and communicate employee transition plan;
  • With contract execution, transition and hire employees and begin engagement.


  • On-going operations;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Continuous improvement.

Implementation Plan of BPO Approach

Based on our experience we propose the following methodology:

Phase 1 – Assessment

In this phase we would visit the Customer in order to understand the business, the organisation chart and assess the specific services, such as reviewing files, meetings, understanding the business, preparing a work program that we would be requested to perform, the respective inputs and deadlines for the outputs.

Phase 2 – Design

Based on the information gathered, we would design the best solutions and implementation plans to achieve the objectives of the company. In this phase we would identify and recommend quality improvements in processes or outputs of the company. Design would be placed on reconciliation of accounts, design of administrative policies (e.g. accounting, operation and payroll policies), chart of account, cost centers, project and job numbers, accounting hierarchy, fixed assets, interfaces (manual or automatic), payroll structure, data security system, check-in system.

In this phase it would also be necessary to discuss the monthly inputs to be provided by the Customer, as well as the outputs to be produced by BPO Approach.

A detailed calendar with strict deadlines for each party would need to be developed. The ways to transmit the information (i.e. mail, courier, e-mail, etc.) must also be agreed at this time. This project design would be discussed in detail with the Customer and would only be implemented after all aspects have been cleared and approved.

According to this information we will design a Proposal Schedule of Work Performed, the Monthly Accounting Tasks, the Monthly Payroll Tasks for an ordinary month and Year-End Tasks. These plans will be parts of the ‘Schedules of Work Appendix’.

Phase 3 – Implementation

The approved project design would be implemented as follows:

  • After signing the contract and after the Assessment and Design phases, getsix® will start the implementation;
  • The developments designed in the Phase 1 and approved by the Customer would be reviewed and implemented in this phase.

Phase 4 – Operations

getsix® would provide the accounting and payroll processing and related services agreed in advance, on a routine basis.


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