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Every year, many of ‘Swiss Desk’ businesses invest in or expand into Poland. As a market, it has much to offer; there is a long-standing history of highly successful commercial activity between the two countries and as a result, market entry can seem deceptively easy.

Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Poland

Relations between Switzerland and Poland are based on a long tradition of mutual friendship and understanding. The two countries maintain significant economic and cultural exchanges. As a member of the European Union (EU), Poland is one of the recipients of Switzerland’s contribution to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU. Relations between Switzerland and Poland are based on a tradition of mutual sympathy. The 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Poland was celebrated in 2009. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, relations between the two countries have intensified.

Economic cooperation

Economic relations between the two countries are developing in an encouraging manner. Exports, in particular, have risen sharply since 2004. Switzerland has traditionally had a high trade surplus with Poland. At the end of 2012, Swiss direct investments in Poland amounted to CHF 5.9bln, making Poland the largest recipient of Swiss capital in Central Europe. Switzerland is the 13th largest foreign investor in Poland. Since 2003, there has been a ‘Swiss Business Hub’ at the Swiss Embassy in Warsaw. Poland belongs to the same constituency group as Switzerland in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

However, there are numerous differences between Switzerland and Poland in terms of legal structure, regulations and practices governing business operations which means that any organisation considering such a step should seek sound legal advice at an early stage.

For many years the native German-speaking partners of getsix® and their team of experts, consisting of German-speaking Polish accountants and consultants, has been providing support and advice regarding Poland and international cross-border transactions to both commercial and private clients from Germany.

If you are considering investment into Poland, either now or at some future date, our partners would be pleased to discuss your plans at an initial, free of charge meeting.

getsix® services tailored to the Swiss-German cross-border needs

Our expertise together with our ‘competence network’ partners, includes all areas which are relevant to businesses dealing in Poland; from starting up a company, advice on commercial contracts, joint ventures and acquisitions (M&A), to cross-border mergers or a listing on the stock exchange. getsix® also advise on related areas such as intellectual property, employment law, real estate and tax.

Together with our close contacts in other professions, such as estate agents and financial advisers, we can provide a comprehensive service in relation to most commercial and legal aspects.

getsix® experience in advising Swiss and other international companies in Poland means we understand your specific requirements and can target them directly. In doing so we aim to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual client, on budget and on time. In fact our clients value our personal and clear advice, as well as the close relationship with our partners. This has meant that getsix® have been able to maintain many companies in Swiss-speaking countries as our loyal clients for many years.

At getsix®, we have a multidisciplinary team specialised in the relevant areas for Swiss-Polish cross-border situations, which is part of a privileged network with HLB Swiss and HLB Poland that can address business issues in a co-ordinated manner.

If you are considering investing into or doing business in Poland, getsix® would be pleased to discuss your plans and help you achieve your objectives.


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