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Business Model

We believe that Business Process Outsourcing (in Business Model) will be radically re-defined over the next five to ten years. Instead of its historic role as a cost-cutting tool, it will increasingly be viewed as a means of delivering higher-quality services and capabilities.

At the heart of this transformation is technology.

Our offerings, such as increasingly sophisticated cloud computing, business analytics, collaboration platforms and process automation solutions, will help to deliver far more sophisticated products and services.

The ability to master BPO’s transformation for maximum advantage will be among the characteristics that define the successful corporations of tomorrow.

Combining and integrating the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Cloud Computing, and Business Process Management (BPM), along with forming sophisticated and modular solutions for our customers, is the basis of our business model. This will help our customers to receive a ‘value added’, instead of using each of these solutions from a different vendor.

Please familiarise yourself regarding our bundled outsourcing solutions approach (One-Stop-Shop):

The ‘normal way’ – Companies need to cooperate with a BPO and ITO provider

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and InformationTechnology Outsourcing (ITO) both represent ways that a business can reach beyond its own capabilities and introduce another provider for support. Each of these options have unique roles, but there is some overlap as well. Essentially, a company turns to BPO & ITO providers to create more efficient work flows. A BPO provider’s services should lead to greater operational efficiencies in most all areas of a business, while an ITO provider should create cost savings tied to computer networks and other information technology systems.

A business may turn to hire both BPO and ITO providers. The scope of services offered by both of these providers is different, and one does not eliminate the need for the other. Also, on average, there could be a rivalry between the types of services offered by BPO and ITO providers.

Other differentiating factors between BPO and ITO firms include the expertise behind each provider. BPO providers perform specific tasks on behalf of an organisation, such as customer service, accounting, or personnel management. ITO professionals are skilled to recognise the types of technology capabilities that are needed at an organisation, ranging from storage to support to wireless services. Providers should be able to negotiate costs and terms or streamline services based on the knowledge that these industry professionals possess.

The ‘getsix® approach’ – combining BPO and ITO solutions lead to the quickest financial savings for our customers

Once a BPO provider has been hired, improvements in business processes may lead to greater financial results, as a business must be realised in order for that service to be deemed a success. The efficiencies attained through a BPO provider could be tied to human resources, finance, or really any operational area of an organisation that is part of a company’s core business.

Although BPO and ITO services are designed to complement one another, it makes sense for an organisation to receive the services provided by one provider. To provide such benefits for our customers we have focused our ‘Business Model and Vision’ in such a way, that we a can either act as a sole BPO provider, a sole ITO provider or as an outsourcing provider who can offer both services in an integrated solutions.

getsix® solutions in the role as a sole BPO provider:

  • Our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing solutions (FAO);
  • Our HR & Payroll Outsourcing solutions (HRO);
  • Our Horizontal BPO solutions;
  • Our Vertical BPO solutions;
  • Our classic service based BPO solutions.

getsix® solutions in the role as a sole ITO provider:

  • Our Information Technology Outsourcing solutions (ITO);
  • Our classic service based Cloud solutions;
  • Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions;
  • Our Citrix Virtualisation solutions.

getsix® integrated solutions to combine both worlds:

  • Our End-to-End solutions;
  • Our integrated platform based solutions.


Last updated: 23.02.2021

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