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Human Resource & Payroll Outsourcing (HRO)

Today, organisations are looking at every possible avenue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Human Resource (HR) department is not immune to this trend. High rates of attrition, employee disengagement and cost reduction pressures are driving the need to implement a Centralised Shared Services Model.

Chief HR Officers of leading organisations are aiming to leverage Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), as a sustainable and competitive method to manage costs and allow the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives, rather than managing transactional activities in HR operations.

When we deliver HR & Payroll outsourcing services, we follow the life of your employees from the hiring, right through to their retirement.

At getsix® with our HR & Payroll Team, HR Administration & Payroll processing is part of our core business: we offer powerful HR & Payroll solutions which streamline your payroll process, while capturing critical business intelligence about your entire workforce.

HR Administration Outsourcing

There is no need for you to perform routine HR administration tasks. But you need a trusted outsourcing partner to stay compliant. Our HR outsourcing services include setting up, maintaining and updating employee files according to labour legislation, along with internal HR regulations. At the same time, we maintain and update employee records in our or your HR management system. We make sure that your company stays compliant with labour legislation and requirements, whether you hire new employees, promote them to new positions or when they leave your business. Needless to say, we prepare and file required statutory HR reports with social security and labour authorities.

Payroll Processing Outsourcing

We take the payroll processing related burden off your shoulders and let you focus on your higher priority objectives.

We stay up to date with changes in the payroll legislation, including social security contributions and personal income taxes. We perform payroll processes in an efficient manner reducing your legal and compliance risks.

Flexible Payroll Processing

When outsourcing your payroll calculations you need someone you can entrust with everything. We set up your payroll processing rules and transfer data into our payroll software and go live within 1-2 months, regardless of the size of your headcount in Poland.

We have been in the payroll outsourcing business long enough to understand the need to be flexible and responsive to the last-minute changes, or requirements to set up a new wage type. It is simply a reflection of your organisation’s business needs, so we just do it at no extra cost. We assign to you a dedicated payroll specialist and a payroll manager, and they are your direct contacts at getsix® Group, as long as you stay with us.

We review our performance together with customers on a regular basis to make sure that they are happy with our payroll services and the business relationship.

Our solutions enable our customers to outperform challenges like:

  • Cloud HR & Payroll Services;
  • HR & Payroll Document Management Services;
  • HR & Payroll Reporting Services;
  • HR & Payroll Professional Services.

The One-Stop solution for your Payroll & Payroll Tax Management

getsix® professional staff are dedicated to removing from your organisation the time consuming distraction of having to process payroll. We understand how important it is to get your payroll done accurately, the first time-every time. We’ll provide you with immediate access to our specialists, where there is never a voicemail keeping you form obtaining direct answers to your questions. You’ll find attentive, friendly, personal touch individuals available for your assistance. Our quick responses will allow you to keep your mind off payroll and focused on your bottom line. Make the switch to innovative and discover what our clients already know: that we exceed their expectations daily.

Payroll Tax Management

Our knowledgeable staff are responsible for ensuring that all taxes are calculated correctly and submitted on a timely basis. We ensure client compliance with all employment related Polish tax regulations.

We offer tailored solutions and services to manage your HR Department.

Our solutions and services can be tailored according to our customer’s individual needs. We could provide you with only specific parts in your HR & Payroll Processe, or we also could provide you with a Full Service HR & Payroll solution.

HR Portal

Smart devices have forever changed the way people interact with their favourite brands, their friends and family, even with their employer. Employees today expect the same great web experience at work that they enjoy in their everyday life: easy to use, all in one place and on their device of choice (BYOD). To meet this need, getsix® has developed a unique HR portal that brings together the best of workday, and also includes all additional HR content in one place, including policies, stock administrators, leading management systems and other critical corporate applications.This solution could be customised for the individual need of our customers.

Making HR Strategic

If you are like most companies, your greatest asset is your people. Attracting and retaining the very best people will allow you to grow faster, be more profitable and serve your clients better. This is why it makes sense for your HR function to become a strategic part of your overall business plan. To do so however, means that many of the necessary and often time consuming aspects of managing your workforce still need to be addressed. Outsourcing those required and time consuming activities is where getsix® comes in. We take on those tactical duties while you focus on the strategic ones.


While the means may be different, the ultimate goal of any HR outsourcing solution is to enhance the long term competitive edge of your business. Whether that is by streamlining processes, reducing costs, enhancing compliance efforts, or introducing new technologies, the goal remains the same. As you consider your total investment in your people, your processes and your technologies to accomplish the job or managing your company and its workforce, getsix® has a solution that is tailored to you.

Our Benefits

Our expertise, our technology and our services will reduce your total investment in people, process and technology. Let getsix® show you how we have done this with our hundreds of customers in Poland. Saving time and money is even more critical today given the economic climate.

getsix® supports organisations in meeting their HR objectives by ‘extending the enterprise’ through comprehensive service offerings for HR functions. getsix® is accurate and responsive while adding flexibility back into your payroll process.

Kind of Deployment

Traditionally BPO Human Resource & Payroll Outsourcing (HRO)

The documents are completely processed in the premises of getsix®. We are using our software application environment (MS Dynamics NAV, MS SharePoint, MS Reporting Services, etc.) to fulfil our contractual obligations. We are providing several tools, getsix® eService’s to give our customers access to the respective HR & Payroll data, and the reports could be accessed through our Customer Extranet.

Hybrid BPO Human Resource & Payroll Outsourcing (HRO)

This solution we call ‘Hybrid Payroll’ which is using the advantages of our getsix® Cloud solutions. Within this solution it is possible that our customers and our HR & payroll accountants are using the hosted MS Dynamics NAV ERP-System by getsix® together. With service levels, agreements will be defined and which tasks will be undertaken by the customer, and which ones by getsix®.

On Remote System BPO Human Resource & Payroll Outsourcing (FAO)

We are using the software environment provided by our customers (i.e. SAP). The documents and information required for processing will be provided by the customer.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

Elisabeth Neumann , I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Authorised representative, Finance director


Last updated: 18.01.2022

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