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getsix® provides a complete employee compensation service, from compiling payroll lists and managing employee files, to transferring compensation to bank accounts and running settlements with the competent institutions. As part of our outsourcing offer, getsix® can also render the full range of human resources services. We provide services of the highest order, in accordance with Polish regulations and global best practice.


  • Reduction of administration costs by as much as 50 per cent, due to the lack of investment in new jobs, compensation, benefits or training;
  • Opportunity to employ the best expert services;
  • Absolute confidentiality – with regard to activities performed for the client;
  • Elimination of annual leave, sick leave, personal day-related and other issues;
  • Opportunity for management to focus on the core business.

The getsix® human resources and payroll department offers outsourcing of human resources and payroll to a full or limited extent. getsix® also provides these services over the Internet (Payroll Online), within the innovative ERP Dynamics NAV system. We provide services of the highest order in accordance with Polish regulations and global best practice.

Human resources and payroll outsourcing means transferring a specific part, or entirety of human resources and payroll functions to a specialised service provider like getsix®. Depending on the priorities, or preferences of the given business, and on the flexibility of the external service provider, you can outsource complete and comprehensive management of all human resources and payroll activities defined by law and employer needs; or, it may be feasible to only outsource parts of the above functions. Such as keeping personal records, accounting for strictly confidential compensation of key employees, payment of employee compensation to bank accounts, managing annual leave, running the settlements of foreign income or assisting foreign nationals.

Experience, references, professional ability of the employees, the scope of services offered, as well as the IT solutions applied, should be taken into account when deciding on a service provider. Factors that contribute no less to effective operation include a positive attitude of the contractors and the capability to optimise the relevant processes.

Choosing the right company guarantees that the intended goal will be achieved.

Transferring personnel matters to an external specialised company, in part, or in their entirety, result in lower administrative costs and investment expenses. While pursuing the priorities and minding the legal obligations, business entities are forced to use the-state-of-the-art IT development these days. Electronic record systems currently constitute multifunctional software, supporting the management of businesses at numerous levels. A characteristic of modern applications is that individual modules are integrated to a high degree and are expensive to implement. Thanks to outsourcing, the company obtains access to modern IT solutions, suitable for the needs of the business activity without incurring costs of purchasing, integrating and updating such solutions.

Outsourcing means having constant access not only to human resources and payroll specialists, but also to a wide circle of other experts; such as accountants, tax advisors, and IT specialists. Thus, our customers do not need to incur costs related to employment, recruitment and training of its own HR and payroll staff.

Outsourcing of compensation calculation and personnel administration services is targeted at those companies who wish to focus on the pursuit of their company’s statutory goals. While keeping employee personal data confidential and remaining assured that the processes of human resources and payroll administration are carried out in an accurate and timely manner, in accordance with the legal regulations in force.

Our specialists are at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions/queries you might have.

1. Human Resources (HR) Administration services

The human resources service starts with a review of the human resources and payroll documentation. This will allow us to obtain the information necessary to deliver the service and establish the accuracy of payroll settlements so far.

Our HR Administration services include:

  • Comprehensive management of personal files;
  • Reporting changes in personal data of employees and employers to the Social Insurance Authority;
  • Labour, tax and insurance law advisory;
  • Providing adequate data and clarification of public administration institutions;
  • Providing updates on any developments in labour law legislation;
  • Controlling the timeliness of health check-ups, while directing employees to attend preliminary medical examinations and periodical checks;
  • Controlling deadlines, planning health and safety and fire training;
  • Assistance during inspections and controls of public administration institutions;
  • Record keeping with regards to human resources documentation and data in guarded places, forms that guarantee security, as well as ensuring absolute confidentiality and compliance with legal requirements;
  • Preparing and archiving documents related to civil law contractors, such as contracts for specific work and commissions;
  • Preparing and submitting statistical, record and assessment reports;
  • Registering and de-registering of employers and employees at the Social Insurance Authority and the National Labour Inspection (PIP) registers;
  • Accounting for overtime and night work, as well as keeping records of working time;
  • Preparing and recording employment contracts, work certificates, amendments, notices of employment, pay and work conditions, information on employment and remuneration conditions, as well as other personal documents pertaining to the start, duration and termination of the employment relationship;
  • Preparing, submitting monthly and annual declarations and information forms to the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund;
  • Preparing human resources reports and statements;
  • Developing, updating of employee databases and civil law contractors;
  • Determining entitlements, recording and accounting for annual leave, as well as absences and recesses, i.e. special leaves, leaves without pay, child care and maternity leaves, sick leaves and others.

2. Salary calculation – Payroll Processing services include – Payroll Processing

  • Compensation calculation in accordance with the law, as well as working and compensation regulations, including the consideration of variables;
  • Transferring payments to tax offices, the Social Insurance Authority (ZUS) and the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON);
  • Providing updates with regard to changes in legislation;
  • Compensation calculation with regard to sickness and social benefits;
  • Development and implementation of working and compensation regulations, Employee Benefit Fund (ZFŚS) regulations, use of company telephones and vehicles, etc.;
  • Keeping of payroll records and data in guarded places, forms that guarantee security, as well as ensuring absolute confidentiality and compliance with legal requirements;
  • Reviews of compensation calculations and payroll documentation;
  • Preparing, conveying financial data and reports to the accounting department; co-operation in recording and reconciling compensation adjustments;
  • Preparing reports to the Central Statistical Office;
  • Preparing pay slips and monthly reports for insured employees (ZUS RMUA);
  • Representation in front of public administration institutions;
  • Preparing, updating compensation and social benefit cards;
  • Drafting and settling employment contracts, contracts for specific work, commissions, management contracts, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board member compensation, for both Polish and foreign residents covered by Polish and foreign social security systems;
  • Preparing and submitting social insurance (ZUS) filings, including registration filings, periodical declarations and correcting declarations;
  • Preparing payroll, compensation reports and costs pursuant to the respective requirements for all remuneration types;
  • Preparing the following monthly and annual tax returns and tax information forms: PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT-1R, PIT-11 and PIT-40; submitting these to tax offices and taxpayers on behalf of the customer;
  • Preparing and submitting information forms, tax returns, correcting returns and written explanations to tax offices, the Social Insurance Authority and the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund;
  • Preparing compensation account notes and reports, as per the defined framework and cost structure; transferring compensation to respective bank accounts;
  • Co-operation with inspectors, controllers, auditors and financial analysts;
  • Issuing of compensation, employment and income certificates.

3. Special Services for expatriates – Tax optimisation for expatriates

Foreign nationals employed in Poland, are obliged to pay taxes on income earned, irrespective of where the payment is made. In order to facilitate the tax settlements related to income earned by foreign nationals, we offer to:

  • Analyse income earned in Poland by foreign nationals on employment, business, interest on capital invested in Poland, real estate, dividends received from shares owned in Polish companies;
  • Specify income that is not taxable in Poland, i.e. earned on sales of bonds and other securities;
  • Define terms of employment in order to avoid double taxation;
  • Prepare reports in Polish and English on income earned in Poland by foreign nationals, as well as on tax regulations;
  • Prepare comprehensive tax documentation to be submitted to the tax office.

4. Review of human resources and payroll records – Tax optimisation for expatriates

We are there to evaluate human resources and payroll documentation from the perspective of the regulations in force and institutional requirements, should the employer require such a confirmation.

Human resources and payroll review services include:

  • Verifying the employee registration filings with the Social Insurance Authority;
  • Verifying withholding (remitter) obligations, with respect to social security and health insurance premiums, advance personal income tax payments, as well as payables to the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund;
  • Verifying periodical declarations submitted to the Social Insurance Authority;
  • Verifying personal documentation for their compliance with the relevant legal requirements;
  • Verifying the conformity of personal records with payroll calculations;
  • Preparing templates of internal documents and forms.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

Elisabeth Neumann , I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Authorised representative, Finance director


Last updated: 17.01.2022

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