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Finding the answers to common business questions can be quite time-consuming and costly. A simple process of how many orders did we have last month, and how many of those orders were in the UK, and of which region, is sometimes difficult to find the answers to immediately.

That’s where a Business Reporting Solution can help. Business Reporting consists of running scheduled or instant reports when they are required. They can be customised by our IT Department so you can have the level of detail and analysis of key business areas that suit you.

Business Reporting Solutions

Benefits of Business Reporting Solutions

  • Access to your data in our ERP System;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Report scheduling;
  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel;
  • Consolidate data from several databases;
  • Accurate results in real time;
  • Flexible data that can be altered into pivot tables and graphs;
  • Provides a detailed and insightful report;
  • Provides added value and return on investment.
Last updated: 21.10.2020

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