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Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) in Poland

Intermediation with financial institutions, including inter alia, representation of our client in negotiations on credit facilities and Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) in Poland.

getsix® have excellent contacts within a couple of leading Polish financial institutions, supported by the mastery of the Polish language in spoken and written formats, and an outstanding comprehension of the Polish banks’ employees mentality. This puts getsix® in a unique position to bring to fruition negotiations on a short-term and long term credit facilities, along with the setting up of the right covenants and collaterals, this going hand-in-hand with a fair pricing acceptable for all parties involved.

getsix® partner Ortwin-Uwe Jentsch’s vast knowledge gathered over the last 30 years, hereof 17 years through proven, successful and always client driven activity in the financial institution industry in Poland, allows getsix® to accompany in a smooth manner the restructuring of a distressed credit facility, bolstering, co-ordinating, while determining the direction of almost always difficult and tedious negotiations.

While doing our professional work, getsix® co-operate with either chosen by the client, or by ourselves, leading Polish and international law companies, with whom we are working on the contractual documentation, wherever required and whom we practice-driven advise on what negotiation strategy to pursue.

getsix® commands a comprehensive list of contacts surrounding the banking industry, comprising of inter alia, factoring companies, leasing institutions, counsellors, insurance agents and tax advisers (just to name a few). This allows getsix®, to be for a client starting his business operations in Poland from square one, his one-stop-shop, making your life in a bureaucratic Polish landscape from the start much easier, thus less time-consuming and strenuous.

Last updated: 28.07.2021

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