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getsix® Accounting & Payroll teams specialises in providing support for most of our clients’ banking requirements and is the single point of contact for all their banking requests.

Internet banking saves time and money

Internet banking (online banking) is a convenient remote banking facility, providing us with easy and secure access to your accounts. This method saves time and money, because getsix® customers could be sure, that all bank statements are posted promptly.

Authorisations for getsix® Accounting & Payroll staff

Most banks offers very simple method of user authorisation for their online banking system.

There are mainly two groups of e-Banking users:

  • One group has unrestricted access on the system, and the;
  • Second group has all rights except signature right.

Most of our clients provide us with the second user authorisation method, with an unrestricted access to their bank accounts except signature rights, while the unrestricted access stays with the responsible persons of our clients.

With the except signature right, following rights are normally default for all the responsible getsix®employees as users:

  • Payment input;
  • Sending payment;
  • Receiving and reviewing bank reports;

Prepared payment orders by getsix® to secure time critical payments

When using this method, prepared payment orders can be sent to the bank where they would await our client’s signature(s).

If a getsix® customer prefers, we will prepare such payment orders for i.e. National Social Insurance (ZUS), taxes, salaries, etc. to relieve our clients with these tasks.

When our clients signing remotely payments, the authorised person(s) accesses the bank’s server from a remote location using an internet browser, and signs them using only encryption software, smartcard and a reader, depending form the online banking system provided by banks our clients working with.

Receiving and reviewing bank reports secures an up-to-date accounting

getsix® use this possibility to make sure, that all bank accounts are posted in regularly intervals, near-time to make sure that i.e. the ‘Open Items Customers List’ is always up-to-date. This also has the benefit, which no bank statements have to send via postal mail to us. The respective intervals in which we will retrieve and post the bank accounts will be agreed in a dedicated Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

Additional services in this field includes:

  • Assistance by opening of corporate bank accounts;
  • Administration and maintenance of bank accounts;
  • Continuous monitoring of bank movements for up to date information on transactions for clients.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

Elisabeth Neumann , I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Authorised representative, Finance director


Last updated: 22.04.2022

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