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For many investors local management or physical representation is not an immediate or even long term necessity. As a trusted partner, getsix® offer efficient solutions to manage your interests.

Our domiciliation services offer the possibility of using getsix® home addresses as your postal or commercial address, or even as your legal seat.

This service allows you to move the domicile of your business, company or professional study to the offices of ®. We offer this service in every one of our locations. Our home address will appear on all documents and will be communicated to all competent offices, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the VAT office or the Social Insurance. getsix® domiciliary services meet local company law, which require companies to maintain a registered address under a duly authorised lease agreement or other legal title.

Such documents are necessary for registering a company with the tax authorities. Legal domiciliation, which includes the service of postal address, allows you to receive packets, letters, commercial documents, invoices, notifications and judicial deeds. Activating this service, your mail and packets will be delivered to our offices: you can delegate to us the collection, the management and, if necessary and the resending of your mail.

The registered address facility is a simple way of establishing a legal presence in Poland – without big investments and long-term commitments.

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We offer our domiliation services exclusively in conjunction with our secretarial and administrative services.

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Domiciliation Services

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This service includes:

  • Provision of a registered address for legal requirements postal address to receive correspondence
  • Forwarding of correspondence.
Last updated: 13.01.2022

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