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When registering your new company, you may wish to engage the services of one of our multilingual directors for a number of reasons.

General reasons

Every company in Poland must have at least one managing director, regardless of nationality. From an operational point of view, it often makes sense to have at least one managing director of a Polish company on site in Poland.

In all cases, our fiduciary services are adapted to the specific needs of our clients. We guarantee local legal compliance, flexibility and control over operating entities, assets and transactions.

Nominee Managing Director

Our fiduciary management services are available exclusively to our clients in the capacity of directors or officers who represent the affairs of the company on a day-to-day basis.

This solution can be particularly useful for investors or fund managers managing assets from abroad, or in cases where it would be uneconomical to recruit and hire executives in Poland to execute a one-off transaction.

You, as our client, will benefit by minimising the cost of running the business as well as minimising operational risk, as the appointment of a getsix® nominee director allows you to benefit from their extensive knowledge of the local legal and business environment.

Your nominee directors provided by getsix® are experienced individuals with proven skills in managing corporate legal affairs, supported by the qualified staff of our secretarial, accounting and tax advisory services. The scope of the authority of the nominee director provided by getsix to its clients will be documented bilaterally in writing and the nominee director provided by getsix will abide by it.

However, both parties are aware that the nominee managing director is ultimately responsible for the legal obligations and management of the company, and is ultimately liable with his private assets under Polish law. Therefore, this service is only available to clients who are fully transparent as to their ultimate beneficial owner and who maintain their accounts with getsix.

If you are interested in purchasing a Polish shelf company, please contact us. We will send you an individual offer with detailed information on setting up a company in Poland.

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Last update : 09.08.2022

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