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HR & Payroll services in Poland

Outsourcing your human resources and payroll services to an external company has a lot of advantages. The most important advantages are the reductions of costs related to the operation of an enterprise, such as the costs of maintaining qualify employment posts, purchase of necessary computer hardware, payroll software and the confidentiality of salaries. Thus, the outsourcing of human resources and payroll services is becoming an increasingly popular solution used by enterprises.

getsix® help ensure diligence in the maintenance of human resources and payroll documentation, as well as provide advice within the field of labour law. Our human resources and payroll services are performed using the newest technologies based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. getsix® guarantee security and confidentiality of our customer’s data. A specific scope of provided services is usually agreed upon with the customer on an individual basis, depending on their need.

Efficient payroll processing services have become a necessity for every organisation in order to streamline payroll, optimise productivity and improve administration. getsix® ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. getsix® is recognised as professional payroll processing company, with years of experience in handling corporate payroll services and the ability to tailor a solution to specifically suit the needs of any organisation.

Managing complete payroll processing in addition to your core business processes can become quite overwhelming and often result in payroll issues. Outsourcing payroll management services to getsix® can assure impeccable payroll processing and permit you to focus your time and energy on your core business functions.

getsix® is as a HR & Payroll outsourcing services provider and is committed to producing results with the highest accuracy and quality

getsix®, an expert payroll outsourcing company, has an experienced team with deep domain expertise, to deliver outstanding payroll services and differentiate you amongst your business competitors. getsix® is an ISO 9001 certified organisation, which places paramount importance towards quality and accuracy while completing payroll processing. We not only save you from worrying about fines and penalties pertaining to late or incorrect filings, but also facilitate cost reductions in payroll management services.

getsix® has simplified payroll processing for many clients located across Poland. As an soon ISO 27001 certified organisation, getsix® has implemented numerous stringent security measures, which are adhered to at all times while completing payroll services.

getsix® HR & Payroll team

getsix® ‘Payroll team’ includes specialists having extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of personal income taxation and social security, procedures of legalisation of stay and work, international assignments, as well as human capital consulting. Our expertise in Polish regulations, as well as constant monitoring of the changes in the tax and social security law, enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive advisory aimed at solving problems encountered by the Polish and foreign companies.

getsix® ‘HR services’:

  • Registration of our clients with the National Social Insurance;
  • Registration of employees with National Social Insurance;
  • Maintenance of employees personal files and work records, leave records, etc.;
  • Supervision of employees related work times;
  • Supervision of employees statutory medical certificates.

getsix® ‘Payroll services’:

  • Processing of payroll data on monthly basis incl. calculation of sick leave remunerations and benefits, overtime settlement, holiday equivalents, bonuses and rewards;
  • Preparation and transfer of payroll statements for state authorities on National Social Security Authority (ZUS) approved forms along with all required attachments, as well as monthly RMUA reports;
  • Generating pay slips for clients employees;
  • Preparation and filling of employees and corporate tax return;
  • Preparation and filling of employee and corporate social security declarations and sending them to the National Social Security Authority (ZUS);
  • Preparation and filling out forms for the National Statistical Office (GUS).

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