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Whether you’re a start-up, small to medium enterprise or blue chip business we all receive mail every day. Typically, you will be looking for a service to handle incoming paper and email. Quickly understanding what a document is and what you need to do with it will lead to significant organisational benefits.

Handling incoming mail and faxes

Whatever industry you are in, you will receive a large amount of incoming documents. Some will feed critical business processes, some will be general correspondence and some are just a waste of time. getsix® provides solutions to understand and process your documents and, if necessary, help you scan, index, workflow and retrieve them. Our aim is to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

By automating the process of understanding what you are receiving and what to do with it, your organisation can receive insight and ensure focus is always on the highest priority activities.

Mail sent to your assigned PO Box address (either in Wrocław, Poznań or Warsaw) and faxes sent to your assigned dedicated Fax No. are scanned and converted into a digital image with our mailroom services.

Unscannable items such as magazines and parcels are re-routed and delivered to your desired physical address. The digital version of your mail is accessible online via any web browser anywhere in the world.

For many organisations the solution significantly reduces the cost of handling the high volume of paper they receive every day. Scanned mail can be entered into a workflow system for organisations to easily re-route the mail to another recipient or recipients.

The process also provides an instant document archive via our SharePoint based Customer Extranet for online access at a later date.

Handling incoming faxes

With the getsix® unattended fax server mailbox integration

Incoming faxed documents present a significant data and document capture problem for many reasons:

  • They often originate within an organisation as paper from fax machines;
  • If you have multiple fax lines, then you probably have a very large volume of paper being generated;
  • Paper faxes are not always very legible or easy to read;
  • Faxes originating in paper format are susceptible to being lost or misplaced.

Because of these reasons, scanning and indexing paper faxes by traditional means can be costly and time consuming. The getsix® solution works with leading fax server providers to make capturing faxes easy.

How do getsix® mailroom services for incoming mail and faxes work?

By setting up dedicated PO Box addresses, we arrange to receive your mail at our ISO:27001 accredited Poland-based facilities. We can use this system to collect mail centrally for all your business locations or individual business processes, such as invoice processing, form processing, claim handling, marketing campaigns, recruitment drives etc.

Using Kofax Capture and KTM technology, we then scan your incoming mail and route the digitised documents directly to the appropriate team, workflow or business process. Many clients also use our hosted SharePoint Document repository, which provides secure online storage of mail documents and enables viewing and retrieval by your teams from any web-enabled terminal running standard browser software.

Mailroom & Scanning Service

  • Inbound Mail received by getsix®;
  • Outsourcing team will open and sort documents by type;
  • Any returns can be processed;
  • Cheques can be securely banked on your behalf, by arrangement;
  • Documents prepared for scanning, with extra elements, such as paper clips and staples removed;
  • Document scanned using Canon scanners;
  • 200% quality checking process, digital images checked by two separate members of our team;
  • Data can be automatically extracted from your documents using intelligent Kofax data capture software;
  • These digital files are then indexed in-line with the factors requested. Common factors include names, customer numbers, invoice numbers and dates;
  • Finally, the journey of your digital documents makes it back to you, with the files being uploaded to an on-line document management system for you to access, or alternatively via secure ftp site upload. The physical documents are retained for a pre-determined period, before being securely destroyed to data protection standards;
  • Workflow can be applied to route your documents to the correct person in your organisation;
  • We will provide a confirmed processing time within our original service level agreement, leaving you safe in the knowledge of when you can access your scanned documents.

If this services is combined with our ‘Finance & Accounting’ services, than the scanned invoices are further processed by our accounting teams.

What does the service bring?

  • Reduction of paper storage costs;
  • Elimination of delays in receiving important mail items;
  • Elimination of lost or misdirected mail;
  • Time savings with instant on-screen retrieval of electronic documents;
  • Compliance with a fully visible and auditable electronic process;
  • Management reporting on incoming document volumes and other metrics;
  • Business process automation with document routing and tracking through workflows.

Key Features and Benefits

Using the getsix® Server Fax Server Gateway, faxes can be automatically directed to the appropriate people and processes using workflow before being processed and stored in a document repository, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, or any other ECM or ERP System. The getsix® Fax Server Gateway will automatically create ‘Batches’ and ‘Cases’ within the getsix® environment, completely eliminating the need to print and scan paper faxes. Certain fax attributes such as ANI (Caller ID) and Received Date can be used for indexes or database look-up key fields.

getsix® ‘Outsourced Digital Mailroom’ Services has been delivered to customers across all industries and our customers have realised the following benefits:

  • Accessible anywhere, from any web browser;
  • Instant access;
  • Archive online;
  • Eliminate paper;
  • Reduce manual mail handling;
  • Secure online solution;
  • No infrastructure investment;
  • No hardware or software to buy or install.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks again for the very good cooperation, the quick compilation and processing of the data and the support for the shareholders' meeting. I do hope that we can meet again in person at the latest when we discuss the next deal.

Elisabeth Neumann , I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Authorised representative, Finance director


Last updated: 13.01.2022

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