Corporate Administration

Celebrating 10 years

The getsix® Corporate Administrative Services (CAS) team offers corporate administrative services to foreign invested companies and Polish companies doing business in Poland, this can be more efficient and cost effective than deploying resources and tools in-house. We provide professional business support solutions quickly and competently, especially for those specialist tasks that require an in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations in Poland. Outsourcing to getsix® business support functions will add tangible values to your business.

getsix® provide answers to issues such as finding staff on the ground with regional skills and expertise, obtaining uniform quality of administration throughout your operations, getting experienced support for routine functions while meeting all compliance and governance requirements in Poland. We enable you to open offices and start new operations quickly, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

getsix® have a team of experienced professionals to provide the best solution to achieve efficient and effective business operations in Poland, in a challenging business environment. These are what CAS teams can assist you with:

Last modified: May 24, 2016