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Many companies are innovative, but not all innovation help your business grow. We provide the relevant innovation, so that all of our solutions impact your business positively. We work with you to understand and evaluate your current and future needs, then our solution architects design and execute a plan to specifically address your challenges.

We employs top technologists to provide leading solutions in IT operations, application hosting, cloud computing and managed services. Our investments in both world-class experts and leading technology helps our customers to turn their Accounting, Payroll and IT challenges into business opportunities.

To archive the targets of our Vision, our Corporate Principles are a very important part of our strategic basis.

We believe that technological processes makes business life easier and more productive – especially in connection with our Business Model & Visions – therefore, technology is an integral part of your ‘Corporate Principles’.

The European Union was also under the opinion that our innovative solutions fit the actual and future market needs, and came to the opinion to assist us with financial resources to provide the market with our services in the field of outsourcing Accounting and HR & Payroll, topped with Consulting Services, Business Services and Tax & Legal advising.

Our e-Services

e-Service 'Reporting Portal'

Use of the customer portal with ‘live data’ 24/7 – interactive reports.

  • Security provided by encrypted internet data connection with password protection;
  • Global 24/7 access to documents and reports made available;
  • Real-time data evaluation, i.e. a query on reports goes hand-in-hand simultaneously with direct access to the database;
  • Optional: customised reports with clearly defined parameters;
  • Possibility to send reports automatically as PDF file by e-mail;
  • Predetermined intervals for report generation e.g. time set each day at 8:00 a.m.;
  • ISO 27001:2013 – ‘Information Security Management’ accreditation.

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e-Service 'Customer Extranet'

Online client portal available 24/7.

  • Security of data transmission;
  • Global 24/7 access to documents;
  • Automatic e-mail notification of new documents;
  • Customised creation of folders possible;
  • Possibility to send reports automatically as PDF file by e-mail;
  • Password protected database access;
  • User friendly interface.

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e-Service 'SaaS Dynamics NAV'

Application Hosting (Software-as-a-Service) with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • Reduced total cost and cost transparency through user based pricing model;
  • Lower capital expenditure and less working capital locked up in hard- and software;
  • Global 24/7 access possibility to a multilingual ERP system of enterprise class;
  • Lower customising costs with ERP system adapted to Polish financial accounting;
  • Higher data safety standard supported by an external and independent data centre;
  • Short implementation period instead of long lasting investment phase and will relieve the strain on your IT department.

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e-Service 'Mobile Reporting for iPhone & iPad'

Your business analysis with you, when you need it.

  • Secure, encrypted data transmision;
    Worldwide and real-time 24/7 access to your reports;
  • Password protected database access (i.e. open items list, income statement, etc.);
  • User-friendly interface with clear menu structure;
  • BI analysis customised for individual needs (eg KPI‘s, Dashboards, etc.);
  • Predefined standard reports (eg open item lists, income statement, etc.).

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e-Service 'Mobile Extranet for iPhone & iPad'

Your company is always with you.

  • Powerful, industry leading synced technology 24/7 for mobility & performance, at the office or on the road;
  • Compliments our ‘Customer Extranet’ to access your Accounting and Payroll data via iPhone & iPad;
  • Collaboration with colleagues to solve problems more quickly;
  • We delivers the highest level of security, to ensure that sensitive corporate data is encrypted, locked and removable on demand;
  • View your latest profit/loss reports, open items, management reports, etc. uploaded to and stored in our ‘Customer Extranet’;
  • Assurance that nothing is out of date – the most recent materials are always available.

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Last updated: 19.07.2022

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