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Position of the State Labour Inspectorate on the New Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

In the provisions of the regulations of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of 18 October 2023, amending the regulation on occupational safety and health at workstations equipped with screen monitors, specific provisions regarding the financing of corrective glasses or contact lenses for employees were not included. In addition,...
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Withholding a PESEL number

Date20 Nov 2023
Since 17 November, Polish citizens have the possibility to withhold their PESEL number in the national register. This is intended to prevent the unauthorised use of personal data when taking out loans and to prevent various forms of crime and fraud. Currently, the PESEL number can be secured via the...
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Remote work in EU Countries – new position of Polish Social Insurance Institution

In the recent months, employers and employees have faced difficulties in obtaining the A1 certificate when applying for remote work outside of Poland. The position of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) was ambiguous, and the practice of individual departments varied significantly. This was due to the lack of regulations...
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