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The “Active Parent” Act – new benefits for parents

Date03 Jul 2024

On June 12th, 2024, the Act on Supporting Parents in Professional Activity and Child Rearing, commonly known as the “Active Parent” Act, was published in the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland. This act introduces a series of systemic solutions aimed at helping parents balance professional and family life. The initiative brings various conveniences to ease childcare and improve parents’ positions in the labour market.

The law will come into effect on October 1st, 2024, introducing several new measures for parents of children up to the age of 3.

The act introduces three new benefits to support parents both in their professional activities and in caring for young children: “active parents at work”, “actively in the nursery”, and “actively at home”.

1. “Active parents at work” benefit
This benefit is intended for working parents of children aged 12 to 35 months. To receive this benefit, parents must meet certain professional activity criteria. The benefit amounts to 1500 PLN per month and will be paid for 24 months, from the 12th to the 35th month of the child’s life. For parents of children with a disability confirmation, the benefit will be 1900 PLN per month.

2. “Actively in the nursery” benefit
This benefit will replace the current subsidy for the cost of a child’s stay in a nursery, children’s club, or with a day caregiver. The existing support was up to 400 PLN per month. The new benefit will be up to 1500 PLN for children up to 3 years old, and for children with disabilities up to 1900 PLN per month, but not more than the fee born by the parent. This benefit will be directed directly to care institutions, reducing the cost for parents for the stay of their child in these dedicated nursery institutions.

3. “Actively at home” benefit
This benefit will be paid for each child in the family aged 12 to 35 months and amounts to 500 PLN per month for 24 months. This form of support reaches out to parents who will not use the other benefits because they either remain professionally inactive, or their child does not attend a care institution.

Parents will have the option to choose the form of benefit and to change their decision multiple times during the life span of the program. They can switch from one benefit to another, provided that only one benefit is paid for the same child for a given month. This flexibility aims to allow parents to adjust support to the changing needs of the family.

When and how to apply?

The new solutions will be available from October 1st, 2024, onwards. The benefits will be administered by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Parents will be able to submit applications for benefits according to the rules set by ZUS, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation of the program.


The “Active Parent” Act is a step towards helping parents combine work responsibilities with raising children. The new financial benefits aim to support both working parents and those staying at home, providing better conditions for children’s development. For many families, this means greater financial stability and support in the daily challenges of childcare.

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