The economic growth is still halted


The industrial production in April with a growth of 6 percent was higher than the result in the corresponding month of the previous year. However, according to the data of the Central Statistical Office GUS, it dropped by 3.1 percent in a monthly comparison. A total of 24 of all 34 industry sectors achieved a growth in which the textile industry (22.1%) and furniture industry (18.4%) reached the highest. The source of growth was private consumption above all. The retail sales increased by 5.5 percent in the annual comparison. (more…)

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5th getsix® Golf Trophy – The final ‘Classification’ & the ‘Role of Honour’



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, and of course our golfing friends,

From all the partners of getsix® we would like to thank you for your participation in our getsix® 5th Golf Trophy, which this year attracted almost 100 advanced and beginner golf players, business partners and dear friends.

We feel you enjoyed this day with us, from your comments sent to us and talking with you on the day.

To remember the day fondly, or to allow you to view for the first time we have created Flickr ‘collections’ of the photographs taken on the day. Why not take a look at! (more…)

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Poland 2016: Tax Changes – Corporate, Income & Sales Tax in Poland are subject to new tax changes


Corporate / Income Tax

  • The regulation related to the obligations of the tax deductible expenses which are unpaid, shall be stopped
  • Depreciation tax shield in connection with the acquisition of new technologies has been removed (previously, an additional deduction of 50% related to the acquisition of new technologies was possible)
  • A new introduction is a tax incentive for ‘Research and Development’, which provides an additional deduction from taxable income (more…)

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Even foreign seller shall pay trade tax


Polish customers like to offer goods from foreign, especially German internet shops. Not only because they offer a wide range of often higher-quality products at better prices, but also apply the necessary European consumer protection rules, which are difficult to find within Polish online shops, they offer more security that the goods, which have been ordered, paid for and have actually been received. With the introduction of a trade tax online trading has become more difficult. The Polish PiS government fears that Polish online shops will permanently relocate abroad due to this trading tax and has devised a scheme in principle to weaken the ability to sell goods to customers in Poland. (more…)

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Agriculture & Food industry


The government wants to stop the sale of agricultural land for 5 years

The Department of Agriculture has released the draft of the law in the Official Journal BIP that will regulate an agricultural land transaction from 1st May, 2016. It is titled ‘Law on the setting of selling real estate from agricultural property holdings of the treasury and provides a 5-year ban on the sale of state-owned agricultural land. (more…)

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