getsix® goes East!

We are pleased to announce Mr Claus Frank (getsix® Partner) is currently attending the ‘HLB INTERNATIONAL Eurasia Regional Conference 2017’ where he will attend conferences in St. Petersburg (20-23 Sept.) and Moscow (24-26 Sept.), Russia. The kind hosts HLB Prime Advice Consulting Group and AO Energy Consulting Group are jointly...
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Portugal has a new VAT return form

There will be a new Portuguese VAT Return form, this will reflect the changes on import VAT reporting. Going forward, you can delay the payment of import VAT until your VAT Return is submitted. At this point you can reverse charge your import VAT amounts in the VAT Return, having...
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12 ways getsix® outsourced invoice management adds value

getsix® realises that invoice processing and cash-flow management are the lifeblood of any business. But at the same time, it has been generally recognised that manual, paper-based invoice processing has intrinsic problems that can affect your business in critical ways, undermining the efficiency and hampering the flow of information. Outsourced...
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Retail Sales Tax postponed by Poland

Poland has postponed the implementation date of the new ‘Retail Sales Tax’ following the challenges of the European Commission (EC). This initiative comprised of a turnover tax levied on established and non-established businesses in Poland. The turnover rate of each company determined the applicable rates, but businesses with a turnover...
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Poland – VAT split payments delayed until April 2018

The introduction of anti-VAT Split Payments has been delayed until 1st April, 2018 Poland has announced. The original date had been 1st January, 2018. To explain ‘Split Payments’, this is the payment of the VAT element of a sales invoice into a special, controlled VAT account of the seller. The...
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Poland – The Next Economic Powerhouse?

Poland, an under-the-radar economic star that President Trump recently visited, he chose Warsaw, before Berlin, Paris or Brussels, and participated in a meeting to promote regional economic ties in Eastern Europe. Poland is working its way up just as the Asian wonders did, as a manufacturing power, even though this...
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Poland – Record demand for office space

Total supply in the nine major markets in Poland at the end of H1 2017 reached almost 9.3 million sqm. Over the first six months, developers completed 300,000 sqm. of office space, with more than 130,000 sqm. being completed in the capital Warsaw. Krakow was the regional city with the...
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Investing in Poland?

If you are looking to invest in Europe, look no further than Poland… Find out in this latest report, a complete overview of the Polish market. Click the link to download the research paper – (Source: BNP PARIBAS) Poland Market Insights ‘Summary’ Consumer demand, local investments (financed by the...
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Poland – Economy & Trade

Poland amongst the EU leaders with GDP growth of 4.4% Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) and Eurostat have published data on GDP, in the second quarter the Polish economy has grown significantly faster than the average of EU Member-States. Poland’s economy topped analysts’ expectations and in the second quarter...
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getsix® Garden Party & Gala Dinner

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, and of course our golfing friends, The partners at getsix® have great pleasure in introducing the movie we had commissioned to capture this unique event in our history. Please click the video below and enjoy! Full getsix® Golf Trophy 2017 & 10th Anniversary playlist – CLICK!.
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