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Monetary Policy Council reduces the interest rates

Date22 Mar 2013
In the past the Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank always stuck to its more conservative approach to interest rate policy. However, it seems that the Monetary Policy Council became more responsive to current economic turbulences and for the shortest fourth consecutive time (since November) reduces the interest rates....
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Regional wage and salary levels comparison report for 2012

Date19 Mar 2013
Die-hard belief has it that the best salaries are earned in capital region of Poland – Masovia, however, hard facts lead to a different conclusion. In order to prove it the Sedlak&Sedlak Consulting Company issued a regional wage and salary levels comparison report for 2012. The subject of the research...
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Exchange rate (EUR/PLN) from 5 February 2013

Date05 Feb 2013
Exchange table of National Bank USD: 3,17 PLN EUR: 4,13 PLN CHF: 3,39 PLN (Information from: 5 February 2013) Government securities / Rate of return 2-Year: 2,97 % 5-Year: 3,14 % 10-Year: 3,63 % (Information from: 5 February 2013) Interest on credits Business loans: 8,57 % Consumer loans: 16,52 %...
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Last updated: 13.12.2021

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