Publications of our Partners

Publications of our Technology Partners


Kofax Dokument-Capturing als Eingang in den Geschäftsprozess (DE)
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Capturing jenseits von Barcodes: Innovationen mit Kofax (DE)
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Publications of our Strategic Partners

Publications of our Competence Network Partners

CRIDO Taxand

CRIDO Taxand – EU Funds 2014-2020 (DE)
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sdzlegal – Information concerning the project of the Renewable Energy Act (EN)
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sdzlegal – schampera dubis zając (PL/EN/DE)
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Publications of our HLB Alliance Partners

Various Publications


Financing and promoting German companies in Poland (DE)
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BRE Bank presentation (DE)
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Renewable Energy in Poland (EN)
Mr. Ralf Hötzel of BRE Bank SA provides its publications entitled “Renewable Energy in Poland” dated 11/06/2011. It represents the possibility of financing projects in the field of wind turbines in Poland.
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BRE Bank – German Desk in Poland (DE)
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German-Polish cross-border payment service (DE)
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