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We invite you to take advantage of the database of forms that will enable you to handle issues related to tax administration without any problems and will facilitate the execution of activities related to administrative entities such as the national bank, social security or the statistical office.

Tax administration

The bodies and institutions of the tax administration deal with the control and collection of tax liabilities in order to ensure timely income from tax dues to the state budget.

The database of forms includes declarations of various types of VAT, CIT, PIT and IFT information.

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National Bank of Poland (NBP)

The central bank of the country that provides banking services to the state budget and performs the tasks specified by the Constitution and banking laws.

Its database of forms includes reports and statements on short-term and long-term receivables, information on contracts with non-residents, and various reports.

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Social Insurance (ZUS)

Insurance whose main purpose is to provide social security. Includes retirement, sickness, and accident benefits.

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Statistical Office (GUS)

An office that collects and makes available statistical information related to areas of public and private life. It is obliged to provide data by legal regulations included in acts of parliament and created statistical research programs.

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Last updated: 06.05.2022

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