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Organisations today must deal with a vast amount of incoming information from many different sources. Efficient, automated business processes are critical to managing it, improving productivity and serving customer needs. But getting there can be a challenge. Each step may contain internally and externally generated information combined with human interactions and decisions that can cause processing delays, introduce potential for error and pose a compliance risk.

Kofax overcomes these challenges through capture enabled BPM solutions, a powerful combination of:

  • Information Capture – Enabling organisations to reduce labour intensive processes by capturing all types of content for automatic classification, extraction, validation and delivery into applications, processes and repositories;
  • Business Process Management (BPM) – A way of looking at and controlling business process, and combining technology and management discipline to improve how work is done for greater efficiency;
  • Dynamic Case Management – A collaborative and information-intensive process driven by outside events requiring incremental and progressive responses human judgment and co-ordination.

getsix Kofax Capture enabled BPM Platform

Capture Enabled BPM Benefits:

  • Reduces costs;
  • Creates more agile and adaptable processes;
  • Automates and speeds processing;
  • Improves customer service;
  • Enhances regulatory compliance;
  • Provides 12-18 month ROI;
  • Reduces errors and improves information quality;
  • Increases productivity and efficiency;
  • Speeds exceptions resolution;
  • Increases transparency into business processes and performance;
  • Improves integration between document management and CRM/case management.

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Last updated: 07.12.2020

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