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Poland’s status upgraded to Developed Market by FTSE Russell

Date08 Jan 2018

It was recently announced that FTSE Russell has upgraded Poland from ‘Emerging Market’ to ‘Developed Market’ status.

This acknowledgement represents the progress made by the Polish economy and capital markets, and that the country has joined the 25 most developed economies of the world. The decision will be effective in conjunction with the FTSE Global Equity Index Series semi-annual review in September 2018. In addition, Poland is the first Central and Eastern European economy to be upgraded to Developed Market status.

The index provider FTSE Russell has announced the results of the annual classification of countries towards the end of 2017. Poland has been upgraded from ‘Emerging Market’ to ‘Developed Market’ status. The decision will be effective in conjunction with the FTSE Global Equity Index Series semi-annual review in September 2018.

The FTSE Russell upgrade of Poland to Developed Market status represents an acknowledgement of the progress of the Polish economy and capital markets and is a major step in their development. Poland has all the features of a developed market, including secure trading and post-trade services, as well as advanced infrastructure. GPW uses a state-of-the-art trading system and its listed companies meet the highest standards of corporate governance and disclosure requirements. Furthermore, the dynamic development of the Polish economy represents an opportunity for international investors. Poland’s upgrade to Developed Market status is a challenge, which we are ready to face,

said Marek Dietl, President of the GPW Management Board.

FTSE Russell evaluates its country classification in view of the regulatory environment, infrastructure and quality of the capital market, the depository and clearing system, as well as the status of the derivatives market. FTSE Russell indices are a significant benchmark for leading global investment funds. The classification may result in moving companies from FTSE indices of emerging markets to FTSE indices of developed markets. Poland remains classified as an ‘Emerging Market’ by MSCI, which in turn expands the range of investors interested in the Polish market.

Press release by The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW).


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