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Date26 Nov 2013

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How did Great Britain (GB) use the Cohesion Policy implemented in the Visegard Group (VG) countries?

GB is one of the 15 countries, which get measurable benefits from the policies implementation in Poland, the Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary.

Macroeconomic benefits

Additional exports generated owing to this policy within the VG countries in the 2004-2015 period will amount to approx. 4.8 billion EURO. A greater part is targeted at Poland – 69% of the total additional exports from GB to the V4 countries. In absolute terms equates to 3.3 billion EURO. 80% of the additional exports are medium and high technology products.

Direct benefits

British enterprises linked to the implementation of projects co-financed from the EU funds in the VG countries amount to approx. 63 million EURO direct benefits. The structure of direct benefits is very favourable from the perspective of socio-economic development. Most of the benefits related to contracts that were obtained by British enterprises from the EU funds, concern services (90%), which include knowledge-based services (34%).

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