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Date14 Jun 2019

Training day at our Wrocław office

Recently selected staff at getsix® Wrocław attended training sessions led by the organiser Magdalena Guillet from Human Partner. This training was focusing on the following areas:

“Improving the development of your direct reports – how to effectively build commitment”

“Delegating tasks and employee feedback”

These trainings are to help and assist staff to understand such topics as:

  • The difference between coaching and other methods of supporting development.
  • Getting to know the most important elements of the coaching process in the context of supporting the development of your direct reports.
  • How to support, through coaching, the development of one’s own potential and the potential of your direct reports.

The staff of getsix® are not only the wealth of our business, but also make us stronger. Therefore, all the partners of getsix® congratulate those who participated and their successful certification.


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