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Tax limits in Poland in 2021

Tax limits in Poland in 2021

Date16 Jan 2021

In 2021, current income limits concerning inter alia status of small-business enterprises:

  • Small-business enterprises (mały podatnik) for PIT / CIT: 9,031,000.00 PLN.
  • Small-business enterprises (mały podatnik) for VAT: 5,418,000.00 PLN.
  • Income limit that entitles lump-sum of taxation of recognised income will increase in 2021 to 2,000,000.00 EUR, which corresponds to 9,030,600.00 PLN in 2021.
  • The amount of net income that requires to bring records of accounts by individuals, partnerships of individuals, partnerships of individuals, partnerships and social co-operatives – 9,030,600.00 PLN.
  • Maximum total amount of depreciation in a year, as part of one-off depreciation – 266,000.00 PLN.

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