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Maciej Stodolny

“Coffee with…” – Maciej Stodolny, Software Engineer at getsix® Services

Date22 Nov 2023

Work is an important aspect of our lives. Therefore, it’s worth getting to know more about our colleagues in the company, preferably with a cup of good coffee or tea. This time we meet with Maciej Stodolny, who has been a Software Engineer at getsix Services in Poznań for 8 years. Why is what he does so important? How would he compare Poznań to Wrocław? And finally, what unusual countries has he visited, and why did he try his hand at stand-up comedy?

First our classic question: coffee or tea?

Maciej Stodolny: Definitely coffee. I rarely drink tea. I always start the day with a white coffee with milk and without sugar and then I start work. I don’t limit myself and I drink an average of 2-4 coffees a day.

Where are you from, what is your education, and what professional experience did you have before getsix®?

I was born in Słupca in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, but I’ve lived in Poznań all my life. I graduated from Poznań University of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering and then pursued a part-time master’s degree in computer science at Wrocław University of Technology. I started working as a programmer during my studies. In total, before joining getsix®, I spent 15 years in three different companies. First, for three years in the IT Team of the Air Force and Air Defense in Poznań. Then at, where – just like before – I handled IT data related to aviation, first military, then civilian. Next was LST-Soft in Suchy Las near Poznań. There, I got to know the Dynamics NAV program for the first time, which proved to be useful when I joined getsix® in 2015. When I signed the contract and met the team, I joked that they will have me for 10 years, because every time I tend to work a bit longer in each subsequent company. So, from this perspective, I don’t have much time left at getsix® (laughs).

So, what have you been doing at getsix® Poznań for over 8 years?

Formally, I am employed at getsix Services in Wrocław, but I’m delegated to work in Poznań. I am involved in programming, helpdesk, maintaining and developing the payroll and HR system, a crucial area in any company. I can’t let the team down because I support our fantastic payroll team, which serves our clients, and the end result is our clients’ employees receiving their hard-earned money. I collaborate with the payroll departments from all getsix® branches. I have to add that the Poznań branch is the second largest (after Wrocław) in Poland. Around 30 people are working here.

Being a Software Engineer is undoubtedly a profession with a future. But what skills are needed to pursue it?

Above all, a logical mind. A degree in computer science is not necessary – I learned the most outside of my studies. In addition, a willingness to further develop is crucial because there is no standstill in this profession. Technologies are constantly advancing. You also need qualities like calmness, problem-solving skills, the ability to focus on specific tasks, patience, and… patience again.

Would you recommend this profession to young people?

Yes, of course. It’s a profession with great perspectives, both in terms of development and earnings. If you enjoy doing it, it’s a demanding but also satisfying occupation.

You live in Poznań, but you also visit Wrocław. How would you compare the two cities?

In some ways, they are quite similar. These are two large, leading cities in western Poland. However, I must admit that Wrocław has a unique atmosphere. It also seems to be slightly more focused on development and business than Poznań.

Would you swap Poznań for Wrocław?

I think so. Of course, not overnight, but that option would exist. I like Poznań; I live well here, but I also like Wrocław. Also, I collaborate very well with the getsix team in Wrocław, especially with the IT department. I visit the capital of Lower Silesia regularly – once a month.

And vice versa: if you were to encourage someone from Wrocław to move or at least visit Poznań, what arguments would you use?

At first, Poznań is a modern, developing city with large trade fairs that are the city’s hallmark. We also have a cool zoo with an elephant house, a beautiful, though currently under construction, Old Market Square with the famous billy-goats, and many green areas, for example at Lake Malta. It’s probably the only city in Poland that has a rowing track and a large green area so close to the city centre, where you can walk, run, cycle, or just relax.

Poznań is also associated with football. The whole city lives with Lech. Are you a fan?

Not a passionate one, but I sympathize with Lech; I sometimes watch their matches. I’ve also been to several Kolejorz matches and the Croatia vs. Italy match during the European Championship 2012. I’m interested, especially when Lech plays in the European Cup, as in the last season. The quarter-finals of the UEFA Europa Conference League were an incredible success. However, I’ll say something unpopular in Poznań, because I support all Polish clubs in Europe, even if Legia wins in Europe, why not (laughs). But you’re right; football traditions are very important in Poznań, and besides Lech, we also have Warta, two clubs in the first division.

So, football, yes, but it’s not your number one passion. What is it then?

First and foremost, I would mention travel, then music and quite recent interests, such as cooking, especially Mediterranean, Arab and Turkish cuisine. I’ve recently taken up running in the forest to burn calories related to the development of my previous passion (laughs). When cooking, I seek new flavours. Recently, I received the most important review in my life when my 11-year-old daughter said she didn’t want to eat school lunches, because Dad cooks better. I am also very occupied with my daughter’s passion.

What is her passion?

Horse riding, show jumping. She really likes it; we go to training during the week, and there are competitions on weekends. In September, she “broke the records” during the competitions in Jaszkowo near Śrem, where she took first place twice, third once, and fifth once in four competitions. But it was just a prelude to her success at the Polish Indoor Amateur Championships in Kalisz, where Natalia won in her category! It was an amazing experience! The most important thing is that my daughter enjoys it, and, as you can see, she’s really good at it. She has been practising this sport for over two years, so it’s not a temporary enthusiasm. Moreover, her favourite subject in school is biology. In the future, she wants to become a veterinarian and continue practising horse riding, so horses are one of her main interests.

Horse riding

And speaking about travel, where do you prefer to go?

I love Turkey! In general, I like the Middle East region. I’ve been to Turkey many times, as well as to Tunisia and Morocco. I’ve also visited less touristy countries, such as – although before the war – Syria, Uzbekistan, or recently, in January, Jordan. I really like the oriental atmosphere; I am drawn to these countries. Recently, in Jordan, we explored Petra, the Dead Sea, and the coral reef in the Gulf of Aqaba. I really wanted to show these places to my daughter, because they are beautiful! I especially recommend diving there; the views and the reef are incredible.


You seem to be one of the brave ones. I heard that in addition to diving you also tried your luck at… stand-up comedy.

I would rather describe this as an episode. I was a little persuaded by my boss, Ms. Monika Martynkiewicz-Frank (laughs). I think I’m a cheerful person, so sometimes I manage to amuse people. The idea for the stand-up probably came about during our trip to the HLB football tournament in 2018, where a team of five ladies and gentlemen went to Milan. The other teams were pretty much all men, who I suspect weren’t entirely amateurs. I don’t know why everyone took this tournament so seriously. We went there to have fun, and we succeeded, although we didn’t perform the best in terms of sports. It just so happened that I participated in every goal in our match… unfortunately, it means all of them went into our goal, which I was defending.

But talking about stand-up, we joked a lot in Milan, and then Ms. Monika suggested that I could give a short performance at the annual company gathering. Somehow it worked; the audience was amused, although I don’t know the reviews I received. In any case, no negative ones reached me (laughs). But it’s not an easy task. The stress associated with public speaking, the pressure to present a program, entertain everyone, to come up with new jokes, adapt to the situation and the audience’s reactions… I admire those who deal with it on a daily basis.

We started this conversation with a classic question, and let’s end it that way too. If you could be someone else for one day, who and why?

I’ll answer a little unconventional. One day may be too short, but if I could change my life for a week, or a month, I would like to go on a transoceanic sailing cruise on a sailing boat or yacht in warm waters. I used to have sailing licenses, but then I suspended that, and it’s one of my unfulfilled dreams. It would be great to be able to catch up on that.

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