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getsix® was pleased to receive the students from Ostfalia University

Date23 Oct 2017

by Anthony Kerr,, Wrocław, Poland

23 October 2017

getsix® was pleased to receive the students from Ostfalia University, as part of the great work that EUROPA FORUM does to promote and assist the local region with regards to its economic development.

On Friday 20th October, 2017 getsix® prepared and presented in German and English on the topics of Accounting, HR and Payroll in Poland, while providing insight into how we provide services and solutions for German investment in Poland.


Ostfalia University is a state-if the-art facility for technology, health, law, social and business studies. There are currently around 9,000 students enrolled, with this number set to grow in the next few years. This is the result of the effects of the Higher Education Reform Pact 2020 across Germany and the lowering of the age at which university entrance examinations can be taken. The University has an aim to educate on the highest possible level and individually assist each motivated student.

EF Uni

EUROPA FORUM derived from the former business circle which was established in the mid-1990’s at the German Consulate of Germany in Wrocław and is a network of companies, including getsix®, which are mostly entities with Polish-German capital ties, which have settled in the Lower Silesia region. As part of their activities, they combine economic, social and cultural goals. The EUROPA FORUM members create an active forum to exchange experiences and are willing to support to pass their knowledge to those who are interested in engaging in Lower Silesia – or on the other side of the Oder River. They accompany companies from German-speaking countries to take the first steps in the region through concrete and practical support. Both Polish and German companies offer assistance in establishing business contacts.

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