Tax fraud investigations in private homes

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The Ministry of Finance is going to permit its tax enforcement units an unlimited access to private apartments and houses in the future. According to the draft of changes to the general tax code outlined by the Ministry of Finance, everyone who does not let the tax fraud investigator in his home shall face high monetary penalties. The requirement to go and carry out the house search based only on the court order, which in fact in Western European countries stays a common practice, is evidently not taken into consideration, which faces strong critics from experts in law.

Up to now, the tax fraud investigation in Poland entertains only in one circumstance the legal foundation to pay a house call, namely then, when it wants to verify the legality of used tax privileges related to expenses for home purposes brought forward in the yearly tax return. However, the Ministry of Finance wants much more. That way, tax fraud investigators shall make up their own minds on the spot, whether a discovered given luxurious style of living in a home complies with the declared tax dues, and to trace illicit money.

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